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View of the ocean from a window
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Room with a view

This is my sanctuary; a place I come to indulge myself in my carnal desires. The room is opulent with heavy velvet brocade drapes, a sleigh bed with a faux fur throw and satin sheets. All deep colours, with glittering embellishments. My mirrored wardrobes hide the objects of my gratification. Exquisite blown glass sculptures in an array of designs and colours. A rather fanciful display behind their illuminated windows, within the recesses of my Aladdin’s cave of delight.

The room has another expanse of glass on the wall opposite the bed. I cannot see what is behind the glass. But I get a magnificent reflection of the room in all its splendour. A crystal chandelier hangs over my bed, and the light beams through each crystal creating prism arcs of colour. I call the glass on the wall my looking glass, as it contains a hidden secret. On the other side of the glass is a discreet room, opulent but manly, with wooden coffee table and dark leather sofas.

That other room is an observation room you see. It is where guests can enter, and choose an outfit for me to wear. I will get dressed in the satin corsetry or lacy basque that has been chosen. Perch my voluptuous derrière on a velveteen foot stall at the end of my bed. Then draw up fresh nylon stockings or thigh highs. Put on my sexy heels and admire my reflection in the looking glass, before I take to my bed.

On that magnificent sleigh, I will run my dainty hands over my creamy breasts, down my torso and across my hips. Caressing my inner thighs, I will part my legs and expose my flowering inner folds. Then as my guest watches on, I will use whichever glass phallus has piqued my carnal interest. It will enter my warm moist hole, sliding in and out as I writhe with pleasure on my bed.

I will be looking at my voyeur, without seeing him, and he will be working his own phallus in his hands. Both seeking our pleasure and climactic release we will work in unison until there is a tide of primal lust exploding from within our centres. We may even simultaneously cum…that will be his treat alone to enjoy. I have no knowledge who is there after all. I merely delight in my own little private show reflecting back at me.

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  1. Wow! Double wow! I loved this and you have such a light touch with your descriptive text! A sexy vignette and a scenario that I think my imagination will visit a lot while I’m enjoying some solo play myself! Great work Luv Bunny!

  2. Ridiculously hot and so perfectly described! Wow.

    O x

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