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Rowing boat by lake

Saved by a Silver Bullet; Part 2

If you missed Part 1, please find it here 🙂

After their phone sex, Meredith had a decent appetite, so she cooked herself some scrambled eggs on toast, adding grated cheese with a dash of sweet chilli sauce for a little kick. Setting herself onto the couch, she watched the rest of her show as she ate.

Later Meredith washed up, before heading to bed with a book. She wanted an early night since she planned to row on the lake tomorrow, in her dinghy. Once settled in bed wearing her comfortable PJs, Meredith picked up her book from the nightstand. Opening it, she began reading where she’d finished previously. A few pages in, she paused after she heard loud howls outside.

That intrusive thought came to mind, ‘had the nearly-full moon unleashed a pack of werewolves to prowl the thick forest?’ Shaking her head, Meredith tutted at herself for her overactive imagination. It was still buzzing like a hive even after she’d drifted off to sleep. She dreamt she was sitting in the cabin at night, opening the curtains to find a pair of silvery eyes looking into hers. Turning in her sleep, Meredith pulled the covers over her neck, curling into a ball.

Following a restful night despite her strange dream, Meredith felt the day was ideal for exploring the lake. After breakfast, she prepared a backpack with snacks, water, her book, and a blanket. She went to retrieve the dinghy moored at the jetty. Untying the slipknot once she’d alighted, Meredith took an oar to edge the boat away from the dock.

Setting the oars in their rests upon the gunwale, Meredith rowed across the lake. The water was relatively calm, though there was a light breeze. There was a spot on the other shore of the lake she set out to reach. She planned to read when she arrived.

Rowing purposefully, Meredith felt the breeze through her auburn hair. Turning her head, she thought she’d seen a shape moving in the woods. She paused to take a longer look, but could not see anything. ‘All this fresh air must be making my brain go into overdrive,’ Meredith joked inwardly. Taking the oars in her hands again, she continued rowing.

At the opposite shore, she jumped out of the boat, tying it up to the mooring. She straightened and took a deep breath in; the boat ride had taken it out of her a little more than she’d expected. ‘I ought to work out at the gym when I get home,’ she thought. Meredith had put on a bit of weight lately, but Cal liked her more curvy shape. She smiled, remembering the sexy conversation they’d shared last night.

Pulling on her rucksack, Meredith walked until she’d reached her ideal spot; one that was overlooking the lake. Standing there awhile, admiring the view, Meredith could see the log cabin from here. The day was already getting on, so Meredith pulled out the blanket from her rucksack, spreading it over the ground. Next, she took her book out. Resting her elbows on her crossed knees, she began to read, every so often glancing up to take in the serene landscape. ‘This is such a beautiful place,’ Meredith thought. She knew Cal would love it here too.

Abruptly something caught her eye. ‘Am I going crazy?’ she pondered to herself. Setting her open book face-down, Meredith stood up fast. ‘Too quickly,‘ she blinked, as she felt a rush of blood to her head. It took her a second to focus; something was moving in the trees. Meredith took a deep breath in, then called out.

“Is anyone there?”

Everywhere was silent. She saw a shapely figure in the woods.

“Hello, is anyone there?” Meredith shouted tentatively. To her surprise, and relief, a man emerged from the wood, walking towards her. He was tall, well-built, and wearing a lumberjack shirt with jeans and boots. As he came closer, Meredith could see he had speckles of silver hair among his wavy dark locks. He appeared to be in his mid-late 40s, and very easy on the eyes, Meredith appraised. The man greeted her in a friendly tone.

“Hello there, I hope I didn’t scare you.”

“No, not at all,” Meredith replied, biting her bottom lip to hide that she was lying.

“My name is Tim. And you are?” he asked with a warm smile.

“Meredith” she replied shyly.

Tim held out his right hand which she accepted, with her own. Gripping Meredith’s hand firmly, Tim said: “nice to meet you!”

Meredith felt her knees weaken as she blurted out, “I was going to have some lunch. Would you like to join me?”

Tim looked a little sheepish, sensing he was intruding. Seeing his expression, Meredith gave him a broad smile before adding “there is plenty of room on my blanket!”

Nodding his head, and laughing, Tim replied, “now who would I be to refuse an offer like that?”

They both sat down to share Meredith’s lunch. Talking as they ate, Meredith told Tim that her family had owned the log cabin across the lake for over 2 decades. She mentioned the television program that she’d watched the night before and how it had given her an overactive imagination.

“You know you should be careful. You don’t know what’s lurking in the forest…” Tim warned her with a straight face. Meredith was unnerved by his tone. “I’d better get back to the cabin,” she said, rushing to shove everything back into her pack. Springing to her feet, she set off hurriedly without even saying ‘goodbye.’ Meredith rushed away to the jetty where her dinghy was moored, while Tim looked on in wonderment…

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