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Summertime Sadness

“Kiss me hard before you go, Summertime Sadness. I just wanted you to know. Baby you’re the best. Lana del Rey, “Summertime Sadness”

This short story is inspired by the song of the same name. Depending on the response this part receives, I may extend the story line. Just dipping a toe back into writing, as it’s been far too long!

Fierce Lingerie by Lovehoney


Summertime Sadness

It was one day after he’d told her he was going to be away for the summer. A business trip he’d told her. She wondered how many times he’d said those words to his wife. Putting the thought to one side almost as soon as it entered her mind, she stirred her morning coffee. She wished he was here. Or at least at the other end of her phone.  Their frequent chats made her routine days more bearable.

Her marriage was not stimulating her enough. Evenings in front of the television alongside her husband bored her. She missed interaction and conversation, preferring moving to the music at her fitness classes. The small-talk at home over dinner was stilted and lasted a few minutes before they’d get sidetracked by family life.

Thinking back to him, it was a few years since they’d started chatting. He noticed her profile when she posted a few pictures of herself in lingerie. Their chat was varied. Routine day-to-day stuff. What they were having for lunch, through to their fantasies. They both liked the idea of a threesome. Possibly with each other and a third party. For now it was fantasy.

He was happily married, though he missed the affections of his wife. He enjoyed a woman’s touch, and the first time he had felt hers, it had thrilled him immensely. Just talking with her gave him a throb in his pants. It was going to be a long summer for him too.

The last time they’d chatted they’d been masturbating at the ends of their phones. It was illicit and it satisfied them both. She had been left frustrated when a knock at the front door had interrupted their chat. Meanwhile he had been satisfied, spilling his milky cream as they’d talked.


Departure lounge

On the day of his flight, he was uninstalling the chat app he had on his phone, when he saw the last message she’d sent. “I’ll miss you. I wait for your return.”

Closing his eyes, he remembered the last time he’d kissed her; hands tugging her hair and holding her close to him. She tasted good. Especially when she was wet.

It was time to board the plane. Walking into the fuselage, he stowed his cabin case above his seat. Not taking much notice of the other passengers, he flicked through the duty-free brochure. It was full of perfume and cosmetics. He’d probably buy some for his wife on his return journey. Then he saw the Victoria’s Secret pages. He thought he may even look there to buy something. For her.

Meanwhile, sat in her lounge, she had her thoughts on him. Jetting off somewhere swanky. Having delicious food and wine. She was not envious, only disappointed she wouldn’t be sharing the experience. Tonight’s meal did not fill her with enthusiasm. Her hunger pangs were getting stronger. She’d not had an orgasm in several days, and was feeling the frustration of needing a release.

After lunch, she popped upstairs and lay down on her bed. Peeling off her lacy panties, she imagined him watching her as she caressed her labia and rubbed her clitoris. Closing her eyes she pictured his hands exploring her, the way they had the last time they’d seen each other.

Stolen moments gave them both some excitement, whether it was mutual masturbation accompanied by unspoken profanities hurriedly typed, or a chance encounter in the flesh.


Cabin fever

Two weeks later, he was on the last leg of his return flight. He’d purchased some citrus scented perfume for his wife. His other purchase made him smile to himself; a satin basque and panty set in black and red. Those were his lover’s favourite colours in a lingerie piece. He’d message her as soon as he landed and see if she were available to model the set for him sometime soon…


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