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Mistress Dawn meets Mike, a male submissive for his first time at BDSM.

Here is a short story written by @Thinstrap, that details the events which unfolded when a submissive male, Mike, visited a Dominant woman for the first time.

Part 1. Meeting Mistress Dawn

Mike was nervous; he had done exactly as Dawn had advised earlier in the week. He ordered the items from the adult website, taking care to purchase the correct items. The drive to her home on Friday evening seemed long, adding to his anticipation. This would be the first time they’d spent together and he wasn’t sure what to expect.

He had some ideas but he was beginning to believe that his mind was making more of it than was reality. Mike found the address she had sent him, written on a scrap of paper. He grabbed the box from the car and headed to the front door.

Expecting to just ring the bell, he noticed a piece of paper with his name on it taped to the door. When he removed the paper from the door there were some instructions written on the back: “Lock the door behind you and pour yourself a drink in the living room.”

Taking a deep breath, he opened the door entering the house. He made certain to lock the door behind him and walked into the living room. The room was glowing with lit candles spread out around the room. In the corner was a TV stand with a large LCD screen playing a porn movie. It appeared to be an amateur film. The volume was low but he could hear everything going on, with the images in front of him.

He fixed himself a drink as ordered and sat on the large couch watching the images on the screen. His eyes settled on the blond woman who appeared. She was dressed the part of a Dominatrix, wearing a black leather underbust corset with her breasts exposed. She wore black leather gloves. Her legs were encased in black leather boots and black stockings. She was staring down at a man who was on his knees in front of her in absolute submission.

Life imitates art

As he tried to focus on the content of the movie he noticed some movement by the door. Suddenly, Dawn came into the light of the candles. She wore exactly the same as the woman on the TV. He recognised the attire. Taking a quick breath as he noted her under-bust corset and the rest of her outfit, it occurred to him that the woman on the screen and Dawn were the same.

Dawn didn’t speak at first, just standing there looking absolutely stunning.

“Did you order the stuff I required?”

Mike nodded and let out a weak “yes”.

Dawn reacted angrily “That’s yes, Miss Dawn!”

“Yes, Miss Dawn “ Mike stuttered.

“That’s better “ she replied.

“Another thing; do not look up until you are told to!”

“Yes, Miss Dawn “he managed to reply.

She sternly commanded him to undress and put his clothes on the couch. Then he was to get on his hands and knees. She slowly made her way over to him and stood in front of him, instructing him to lick her boots. He obeyed, licking her boots enthusiastically.

After about five minutes of this, she walked away and sat on the couch. She ordered him to move in front of her. Then put her legs on his back and used him as a footstool. She proceeded to empty the contents of the box out next to her. She picked up the leather collar and placed it around his neck. Next, she took the leash and attached it to the collar. This was followed by the red ball gag and tube of lube. “These will come in handy later,” she said, chucking to herself.

She opened the package containing the strap-on and looked it over approvingly.

“Nice choice slave! You must have relished the thought of it,,” she sneered.

Blushing, Mike could only mutter a “yes Miss Dawn” at which time she merely sniggered.

Both Mike and Dawn knew this would be an eventful evening!

Part 2.

Miss Dawn led Mike on all fours using the lead on his collar, along the hallway into another chamber. The room, or what would be better described as a storage area had a concrete floor and a post and beam construction. There was no natural light in this section of the building, which was dimly lit. Mike looked up at his Mistress in awe; she was perfect. Her prominent nipples were a deep shade of pink and stood out from her breasts. They were accented by a chain strung between them that were tightly attached to the nipples and moved with her every step.

Her blonde hair was worn up in a ponytail and held together by a leather strap and she had her eyes made up with heavy black liner. In her hand, she carried a black leather paddle. Its handle was shaped like a dildo, ten inches long and its girth gradually got thicker until it met the equally long flat paddle. In the centre of the room was Miss Dawn’s chair; throne-like in shiny leather. Miss Dawn bound Mike’s hands together at the wrists with the rope extending above his head to a beam in the ceiling and then tied off to a cleat on one of the posts.

He was undressed, save for a black thong she made him wear. His body was very exposed to his Mistress with only the small piece of material covering his genitals. His eyes followed Miss Dawn as she circled around him. When he moved his head to follow her, she gently raised the paddle to his cheek and gave him the instruction “Eyes forward, sub.” Miss Dawn’s high heels clicked against the floor as she moved toward the rope keeping her sub strung up. She freed it from the cleat and pulled it tighter which had the desired effect of stretching her sub’s hand up towards the ceiling. His arms were now pulled and held straight up, directly towards the ceiling while his feet were still planted solidly on the floor.

Mistress Dawn Inspects Mike

Once she had her sub positioned to her liking she tied off the rope and walked towards the back of her ward once again clicking her heels with each step. She used the paddle to touch the bottom of his ass cheek and lifting it slightly said “Very firm arse my dear. I can tell you are keeping yourself in good shape for your Mistress.” She admired the pose he struck. With his arms extended, back muscles firing and the black thong splitting his tight arse, he stood helplessly and at the mercy of her any whim. She was ready to play with him. To pleasure him, but also herself.

Mike heard her heels clicking as she walked around to the front of him.  She poked his balls with her paddle, lifting them as if to weigh their heft. With her free hand, she pulled the top of his underwear away from his body to get a better look. “I see you have shaved your balls cleanly, but you haven’t removed all of your pubic hair as instructed in my email.”

“I’m sorry Mistress, I didn’t…”

Miss Dawn grabbed his balls in her fist, squeezing firmly and then twisting them. Mike stopped talking immediately, his face displaying the agony he was feeling.

Miss Dawn barked out, “That’s right! Silence, unless asked to speak, sub!”

She moved behind her outspoken sub and planted her feet parallel to his body. Placing her weight onto the balls of her feet she grabbed the handle of the paddle with both hands lifting it over her right shoulder then brought it down with all of the force she could manage to connect with her sub’s right arse cheek.

Silence is golden

Miss Dawn then proceeded to fit the ball gag into his mouth. “Well, my dear that should keep you quiet. I don’t want the neighbours hearing!” Mike simply nodded his head, looking down in submission. Miss Dawn took the opportunity to give him four more powerful swats over his right buttock. Pleased with his endurance, she praised him.

“Much better my pet. You took those well, and like the sub I desire you to be. Now prepare yourself for five more on your other buttock. I hope you have learned your lesson and remember to keep silent in front of your Mistress. Now, what was it that I wanted to do to you?…”

Miss Dawn walked around to face her sub. She knelt before him and laid down her paddle. As she knelt upright she removed the leather strap holding her hair up which in fact wasn’t a hair tie but actually a leather cock strap. She then grabbed his balls, pulling them downward whilst snapping the cock strap tightly around the base of his penis. The remaining leather strap resembled a ‘T’ shape which she pulled between his balls, separating them. Now that the device was properly attached, his balls were separated by a leather strap. The resulting effect provided a level of pleasurable pain.

“How does that feel my little toy? Just grunt if you like it.”

The Mistress turned her back to him, slowly bending forward at the waist to pick up her paddle. In doing so, she teasingly displayed her firm arse to Mike. She then spread her legs, letting her hair touch the floor while she ran her hands up the back of her stockings. With one finger she pulled her panties aside allowing her sub to see her cleanly shaven pussy and defined clitoris, which was getting larger as it was beginning to swell. She moved her hand back down her legs and picked up her paddle, before slowly standing and turning to face her sub. With her panties still pulled aside, she ran a finger up and down her slick folds.

For details of Mistresses, please visit Kinky Desires.

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