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The Lazy Night In, part 2.

Here is the second part to The Lazy Night In. The first part can be found here. I have included some affiliate links to items that may be of interest to my readers. These links help me earn a small commission at no extra cost to you, and keep the site running. Many thanks for your support xx

Vanessa heard Adam’s groan of delight as he watched her tight pussy take in the length of her favourite rabbit vibrator. He switched on its ‘ears’ first, teasing her labia and engorged clitoris. Vanessa wanted more, but she knew good things come to those who wait. It wasn’t long before Adam stopped toying with her, and switched on the shaft’s motor. He noticed as her hips clenched, and he felt her pussy clinging around the rabbit’s shaft as he eased it in and out of her. The jewel of the butt plug glinted under the pendant light hanging over the bed. Vanessa’s body was responding in just the way he’d hoped it would. She was needy for him to stimulate her erogenous zones.

Pushing the vibrator’s shaft against her G-spot, Adam rocked it side-to-side so the ears rubbed her clitoris. Adam waited until he heard Vanessa’s panting. Leaning into her, he tugged on her ponytail, pulling her head back. He whispered in her ear, “Come for me now, Vanessa.” This time, her orgasm was stronger, and Vanessa cried out His name in ecstasy. She felt dazed, while Adam retrieved the vibrator from her spasming pussy, and untethered the hogtie binding her wrists and ankles.

Helping her stand, Adam squeezed her calves, massaging them to prevent them tingling. “I hope you’re ready for me now, Vanessa,” he grunted. She gave her consent by grinding her wet pussy against his bare thigh. Adam asked Vanessa to prepare him for her. Taking the small square package he offered her, she eagerly opened it and took out the condom. Vanessa swiftly unrolled the sheath around his hard cock jutting out towards her. Adam guided her to the side of the bed and bent her forward. He eased his cock into her cunt. She was still coming down from the high of her orgasm. This time, he wanted to make her spasm around his cock.

There was nothing slow about the fucking Adam wanted to give Vanessa. Checking in with her, he said in his gravelly tone, “I’m going to go hard and fast, Vanessa. If you need to slow down, remember, you have your safe word. What is it, again?” Vanessa breathed in, as she felt him grip her right hip with one hand, while the other arm draped around her chest. She still had the jewelled butt plug inside her ass, and the sensation of being doubly penetrated was different. She liked the fullness of having both holes filled. Remembering that Adam was waiting for her reply, she uttered the word he needed to hear, “It’s fox, Adam.”

Adam started thrusting his pelvis, driving his cock into Vanessa. The first few thrusts were deep, and Vanessa strained against him. “Is that uncomfortable, Vanessa?” She admitted that his cock was reaching further than the rabbit’s shaft had done. Adam angled his pelvis slightly and thrust his glans against her G-spot. Reaching between their bodies, he began twisting the jewelled plug in rhythm with his shallow penetration of Vanessa’s pussy. She arched her back now, as Adam hit two of her sweet spots. He fucked her as if his life depended on it. His cock pulsed in response to her walls tightening around him, and he gritted his teeth to focus on delaying his ejaculation.

Vanessa noticed the tendon in his forearm as he was holding onto her. It felt like a bear-hug. Although he was strong, he took care not to hold her too tightly. Vanessa found the butt plug was adding a pleasurable dimension to their fucking. It bumped her G-spot from behind, and soon she felt the orgasmic waves of a climax washing over her. Her pussy pulsed around his cock tightly, summoning his cum to spray into the condom he wore.

Once he’d withdrawn his softening shaft, he cleaned himself off before disposing of the rubber sheath. With a wolfish grin, he teasingly scolded Vanessa for cumming before he’d allowed her to. “This will be your last chance to remember your place as my submissive for this evening, Vanessa. Have you ever tried a clitoral clamp?” The question surprised her, but Vanessa revealed she had not worn one before. “I’ve been curious about how they might work, so I bought one to try with someone…” as she trailed off, Adam inquired, “do you have it with you?” Vanessa nodded, glancing at the dresser drawer.

“May I try it on you, Vanessa?” Adam asked. Vanessa nodded and started to walk to the dresser. “How about you pop to the bathroom, and make yourself comfortable, while I get it,” suggested Adam with a smile. Vanessa walked as elegantly as possible to the en-suite. Removing her butt plug and cleaning it while she was there, she felt excited about how Adam may exercise his control now. She walked back into the bedroom, to find him waiting. He held up the rose-gold clitoral clamp she’d chosen for herself in one hand. In his other, was her powerful wand; already plugged into the mains. He smiled a sly smirk and beckoned Vanessa over. She noticed he had also attached the wrist straps of her hogtie to the ends of the bed.

“May I restrain your ankles, Vanessa?” Adam requested. Vanessa agreed, although due to her surprise, her reply came out higher-pitched than usual. Reassuringly, Adam caressed her thigh as she sat down and lifted her legs onto the bed. Passing Vanessa a pillow to rest her back against, Adam encouraged her to get comfortable while he secured her ankles. Now, she was fully exposed to him. He admired the view of her vulva framing her swollen pearl. He leant in, and flicked his warm tongue over her clitoris, enticing it to escape its hooded hideaway. Once it became fully engorged, he loosened the clamp and delicately eased it around Vanessa’s flesh. As he secured it, the tightening sensation made Vanessa inhale sharply, but when Adam looked to see if she was about to use her safe word, she shook her head for him.

“This is going to feel intense, Vanessa,” he told her as he powered up the wand on its lowest setting. He held the silicone head of the vibrating wand against the side of her clitoris. “Oh, wow. You weren’t kidding!” Vanessa uttered under her breath, as the heightened sensations produced by the clamp almost pushed her to the edge of orgasm. Setting her jaw, she concentrated on keeping her climax at bay, while Adam teasingly moved the wand’s head across the surface of her clitoris to its other side. Seeing the tension in her body at remaining in control of her desire to cum, Adam eased the wand away and ran it around her labia. “Good girl, Vanessa, you are learning to listen to your body,” he murmured.

Adam increased the wand’s intensity, drawing it towards her clitoris once more. He’d just settled it over her pink bud when Vanessa blurted out “fox.” Looking up at her face, he could see her discomfort, and pulled the wand away, switching it off. “Is the clamp too intense, Vanessa?” He didn’t need to ask, as she was already releasing the clasp. “Yowsers, I’m not sure I like this.” Adam untied her ankles and asked if Vanessa needed anything. “Maybe some ice for my poor clit,” she joked. Adam leaned in to kiss Vanessa, “you’ve done well, at understanding your limits. Perhaps the clamp was a bit much for tonight. When I’m next in town, do you wish to continue exploring your boundaries with me?”

Hugging him, she inhaled his scent, and smiled at him as she replied, “You know, I would! This evening has been so much more fun than my usual lazy nights in. I just think I’ll choose a different clamp from this one for my next trip. They shared another kiss and Adam now fully clothed, made his way to the door.


A short while later, there was a knock at the door. Vanessa went to open it, but no one was there. She then noticed the ice bucket on the floor, containing a small bottle of Prosecco and a single pink rose. Scrawled on a napkin around the rose was a message,

I couldn’t get ice without buying a drink, so I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay. I look forward to our next lazy night in.

A xx

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