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Personal trainer

The Personal Trainer; from working out to making out.

This story recently came to me, as I wanted to write something different from the hetero-couple sexual encounters I often describe in my erotic fiction. ‘The Personal Trainer’ may be a stand-alone story, or I may develop it.  If you wish to read more like this, please leave me some comment love 🙂 If you don’t like it, similarly, please tell me. I appreciate the genre may not appeal to all. The drawing has been kindly provided by @1Stutographer.

Though the story does not follow the prompt for this week’s Wicked Wednesday, it’s one that I wish to share for the meme.

The Personal Trainer

Jack was at his usual spot, pumping weights with his strong, well-defined biceps. He’d been working out 20 minutes and now was fully psyched. A good-looking male with a square jaw, and bronzed all over, Jack attracted attention wherever he went. His charismatic personality made him skilful as a personal trainer. He cared about helping people reach their goals, whether it be weight loss, improving fitness, stamina or strength.

I first met Jack when I signed up at the gym. I was out of shape, having spent too much time with my head in my books. Though I was only 20, I felt 10 years older. I wanted to make a positive change to my life. When I asked about personal trainers, I’d not necessarily wanted a male over a female. Having recently ‘come out’ at University, I was accepting my sexuality.

My friends and family were supportive. Some elder relatives dismissed it as a passing phase! One even saying, “it’s fashionable to be a gay! You’ll soon change your mind when you meet a sweet girl!” While I’d met lots of them during my studies, I hadn’t fancied any romantically.

They were ‘girlfriends’ who’d talk to me about their crushes, the new drama series on TV or the make-up and fashion they liked. I sometimes joked about fancying various actors from programs we watched. They giggled with me but didn’t really think much of it.

Anyway, back to the gym! As I watched Jack doing his squats I admired the tight ass in his shorts. He’d barely broken a sweat, looking composed as he worked out. His gorgeous dark chocolate wavy hair was tousled.

Oh man!

Jack was physically fit, and sexually attractive! I enjoyed watching him whilst I pounded the treadmill those 20 minutes. I did not relish being a sweaty heaving mess, with a bright red face! Oh well, I’d soon be getting in the shower. I moved to the cross-trainer, focussing on Ellie Goulding’s sultry voice belting out Starry Eyed.


Hey Joe!

Joe was working out hard; I could see he was trying to concentrate on his training rather than eyeing me up. He looked adorable, moving his lean arms and slim legs as he jogged on the treadmill.

He wasn’t a gym-bunny and it wasn’t his comfort zone being surrounded by lots of ‘buff’ people. Especially the guys, whom could be intimidating with their cropped hair and tattoos. Joe had floppy light brown hair, sporting black plastic rimmed glasses. He looked studious and more at home in a library or a lecture hall as a Civil Engineering student at the local University.

I’d known I was gay for several years. Never had I met someone like Joe who I’d felt attracted to. Physically he wasn’t immediately my ‘type,’ but I could see he was a deep-thinker from our interactions during our training sessions. He had a compassionate nature and was well-liked by people at the University. Joe’s cute smile made his eyes crinkle. His brown irises were flecked with green.

Joe’s physique was looking improved and more toned. He wouldn’t necessarily be a bulky muscle-clad Adonis, but he was lean and supple. As I finished some chest and shoulder presses, I saw him exit the gym and head to the changing rooms. I followed him soon after, once I’d cooled down and stretched. He had lectures to go to and my next client would be meeting me shortly. I’d see him later that afternoon; a highlight in my busy day!


Back to the books

My lectures were interesting, and I thought about the changes in building styles and regulations over the second half of the last century. After going to the library to find some books, I headed back to my shared house on the edge of town. When I got there, I saw Jack in his car waiting for me outside. Stepping out of his VW, he came up to me and planted a big kiss on my lips. “Long time no see Joe!” Jack joked. He was always making me laugh. “Missed you,” I said longingly as I brushed his cheek and jaw.

We got ourselves a drink and snack to eat, then sat in the lounge chatting about our respective days. Jack was helping a cancer survivor regain her fitness and strength after surgery. He was genuinely happy that his client was doing so well. “It’s like she has a second lease of life,” Jack enthused, smiling. I told him about my day at University. He asked various well-considered questions; such a thoughtful guy was Jack.

After chilling for a time, we both became restless, so we started making out on the sofa. I ran my fingers through his tousled hair as we kissed passionately. His full lips were luscious against mine. I could feel my cock stirring in my cord jeans. “Joe, let’s go up to your room,” breathed Jack heavily as we broke apart. I took his hand and we trotted upstairs. Once inside with the door closed, I backed him up against the wall. Normally he’d be the more assertive one, but I wanted him this instant.

Male-Male blowjob


Getting physical

Joe braced himself against the wall in front of me before kissing me again. My cock twitched as he ran his hands down my front. He peeled my shorts down, sliding my Calvin Klein’s over my hips so that I jutted out over the top of them.

He smiled as he saw my swollen cock, staring him in the face. Licking his lips, he took the shaft in both his warm hands, rubbing them up and down its length. Stroking my cock like that, he looked so sexy, as I held his head in my hands, brushing his hair back from his face. Joe lowered his lips to my cock, teasing the thick head with his tongue. He tasted my precum, moaning a satisfied ‘hmmm’, before swirling his tongue around my urethral opening.

I loved when he did that, groaning my pleasure. Now he was taking my full length in his mouth and sucking, whilst rubbing the lower part of my shaft in his hands. He tugged my testes lightly, and they felt heavy with a full load of creamy cum I was saving for his expert mouth.

“Oh Joe, you know just what I like!” I sighed as he continued to lathe my full length. The pressure was perfect; it wasn’t so hard that I’d cum quickly, but it wasn’t too soft to frustrate me. I could feel my climax building up but delaying the inevitable was no mean feat. It was testing my endurance to last much longer.

I hurdled to the precipice, teetering on the edge of orgasmic delight. “Fuck!” I exclaimed, as I shot my creamy reward into his mouth, filling it so much it dribbled over his chin. He took the whole load, saving me the trail on his chin. Presenting his slick finger to my lips, I eagerly licked the cum before pulling him in for a loving kiss.

“We should work out at the gym together more often” I jokingly teased Joe as he pulled my boxers back up. Patting my ass, he replied, “That is where this all started after all!”


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  1. Thanks for sharing your sexy story. It’s a pity my trainer is nowhere near sexy 😉

    Rebel xox

  2. I liked this, they had a sweet dynamic. I wonder (and this is only a suggestion) if it might work better if you kept to one of the guy’s PoV, or maybe used italics for Jack and none for Joe so that it’s easier for the reader to keep abreast of who is thinking/feeling things.

  3. Fun… I like how you added the “twist” that they. were already in the relationship- not about to meet sexually for the first time.. fun read!

  4. Like it! Interesting piece

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