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The Punishment- Chastity

I’m writing this story, as a follower of mine suggested I focus on chastity and denial in a Dominant Female / submissive male scenario. I hope it provides some evocative stimulation for my lovely readers (and not just those into FemDom), 😉

The offence

Mistress Roxy had left Her slave to finish off some tasks about Her kitchen. Walking down the long hallway of Her single storey home, She was nearing the recreation room that had the projector and screen. Pausing mid-stride Roxy pricked Her ears to the sound of low moaning. Her eyes widened, was Her sub in pain?

Rushing the last few paces down the passage to Her movie room, She could discern Her sub’s low tone. He was indeed making the noise She had heard, but he did not sound injured! Conversely, the sounds were emanating from pleasure!

Frowning as She stood at the doorway, Mistress Roxy pushed open the door, that was ajar. It swung open to reveal Her sub, sprawled on the floor, propped up by sumptuous cushions, naked from the waist down. He was frantically pumping his hand along the length of his shaft. He had considerable girth, so just as well his hands were proportionally endowed!

She gazed past him, to observe the movie he was watching. It was a home-made film of Her fellating another submissive play partner. The slave was being rewarded for good behaviour, and She was working both Her fist and mouth hard on the appreciative slave.

“Prey, what on earth made you think this was a good idea, slave?” Mistress Roxy demanded to know.

“Mistress, I finished all my tasks. When I was tidying up the film collection, I got aroused.”

He looked up at Her sheepishly, flushing rouge.

“Stop this minute!” Roxy ordered.

Hanging his head, as his erection shrank before Her eyes, he knew better than to argue.


The trial

Mistress Roxy met with Her confidante (also a fellow Dominatrix) the next day.

“How ought I to punish this misdemeanour?” Roxy asked, wrinkling Her smooth forehead.

Her friend Tory, mused as she sipped her glass of sauvignon blanc.

“The punishment ought to fit the offence; so in this case, you could say he was already punished as he did not achieve orgasm. He was denied…

But then again, if you want to ensure he will not repeat the error, maybe you could try a period of chastity.”

Roxy nodded thoughtfully; “That would seem to be a suitable punishment. Not too excessive. In terms of duration, an evening should suffice. I could get him to watch the movie again, whilst he is wearing the cock-lock!”

Tory giggled, “Oh Roxy, you are wicked!”

As they parted later that afternoon, Tory winked at Roxy and asked Her to recount the juicy details of Her sub’s penalty the next time they caught up.


Planning to punish him

After running some errands in town, (including the purchase of a chasity device for Her sub), Roxy returned to Her stunning home.

It was on a hill overlooking the town below. In the dusky darkness, twinkling lights shone in the centre, radiating outwards like a spiral. It resembled a nebula formation in the night’s sky.

Roxy often enjoyed a summer evening on Her roof terrace, gazing at the stars and looking down on the cars moving about the roads below. She felt superior when she was on Her upper balcony; like a deity keeping watchful eyes on Her obedient followers.

In Her abode, She was the Mistress of all Her household staff, including a housekeeper, chef and gardener. In fact, they were more than merely dutiful employees. They took it in turns to share the pleasure of Her company on most nights of the week.

Two nights she would sleep alone, but the rest of the time she would indulge one of Her companions in carnal delights. These were an extra perk, in addition to their lodgings and salary.

That evening Her housekeeper would join Her. Gwen was a Latino woman with a sharp wit, and a quick tongue in more ways than one.

Her plan was to set Her sub up, with his chastity device keeping him from indulging in any self-pleasure. He would be left alone to watch a movie of his Mistress with another slave. Meanwhile, she’d be watching a movie in Her room, with Her housekeeper.

When the two films ended (at roughly the same time), she would get Her housekeeper to lap up the juices from Her needy cunt. If the housekeeper pleased Her, she would reward the woman with a good fucking courtesy of some packer pants bearing a purple silicone phallus.

On Lock Down; chastising him with chastity

Her sub, meanwhile would have the audio feed from Her room piped into the movie room. She would turn the volume up to torture him with Her cries of ecstasy. Her plan made Her smile devilishly. He would certainly learn not to repeat the offence!

Taking the chastity device up in Her palm, she sought out Her sub. Ordering him to remove his trousers and pants, he obliged. He wore a startled look as She produced the cock cage and ensnared his shaft in its steel confines.

Securely clamped, he looked down in dismay, as his body betrayed him by starting to engorge his soft flesh with virile blood.

Giving a low whistle, Roxy smirked to herself, and commented that the evening would provide entertainment!

With the movie playing in the background, she left the sub on his own in the room; his cock trapped in the chastity device. She made her way to her chamber.

Gwen was waiting for her, with a tray containing a glass of chilled sancere and some crudites with dip. There were also fresh strawberries and a chocolate dipping sauce.

Inviting Gwen to lie beside her on her sumptuous bed, Roxy flicked on the widescreen television mounted on the wall opposite. Her chosen movie was already loaded so she pressed play on the remote.

Wrapping her arm around Gwen and caressing her breasts with a single hand, Roxy began to feel the wetness between her thighs, emanating from her pussy lips.

The film lasted about a half hour. Long enough to tease Her sub, making him uncomfortably hard within the cage around his cock. It was also short enough to get the blood flowing to Her pelvic area, making her in need of some good mouth service.

With a smouldering look at Gwen, Roxy bit Her lip before lowering her gaze to her own pelvis.

Gwen needed no further instruction and she peeled off Roxy’s lacy thong with a knowing smile.

Lapping at Roxy’s vulva, her Mistress bucked Her hips pushing herself against Gwen’s tongue. Twirling slow circles around Roxy’s clitoris, Gwen was clearly enjoying tasting her Mistress’s dewy cunt.

With Her head tilted back, Roxy moaned with pleasure, and turned up the audio feed relaying Her carnal sounds to Her tormented slave.

Those sounds became higher pitched as Roxy neared orgasm. As the crescendo of Her soprano solo approached, she could hear the muffled cries of her slave seeking a reprise from his punishment. Unfortunately for him, it wouldn’t come anytime soon…

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Featured image courtesy of lensnmatter, acquired from Flickr.

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