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The Stress Relief

Below is a story sent to me by one of my awesome readers, who has a sexy tale about a work trip that got off to a surprisingly good start! Ms. Vanessa writes about how she likes to relieve some stress at the end of a long day, and it has a climactic finale. Enjoy reading this hot account; I know I did!

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The Stress Relief

She was on another work trip; the first flight delay she managed with normal “road warrior” ease. Then after a cancellation resulting in a further three hours delay she decided to treat herself to a chair massage in the terminal spa.

His name was Cole, and his hands were strong as he introduced his grip to her weary back, rubbing her overly tight shoulders. She felt his heat through her thin t-shirt as he kneaded, working his way down her spine. His hands roaming lower over her hips, he leaned down and told her in a gentle voice to relax. He instructed her to drop her shoulder, leaned in with his entire forearm, and pushed her shoulder down while he gripped her opposite hip.

She couldn’t help but moan aloud with pleasure at the relief of tension being wrung from her taut body. In a swift movement, his hand caressed her neck and shoulders under her shirt with massage lotion. The sheer bliss of human touch made her close her eyes as she let her body melt under his hands. Her pussy was getting moist against the crotch of her jeans. She wished she could be naked, feeling his warm palms on her skin. Alas, her day-dream was cut short as he tapped her shoulders to end the massage.

As she paid, Cole winked before handing her a water. His parting message was to tell her to manage her stress better. She walked slowly to her gate, then waited for her last flight of the evening. Later that night, exhausted she laid in bed unable to sleep in a non-descript hotel room. The massage had helped relieve one set of tension. She was now feeling frustrated in other ways, and needed to release more than just by an osteopathic hip stretch and dropping her shoulder.

She rummaged in her luggage; usually she packed at least a rabbit or even a wand for solo enjoyment. It dawned on her she had forgot her toys this trip. Lying back in annoyance, she decided to work some more. Looking for a pen in her laptop bag, she unzipped an interior pocket and happily discovered a small pocket vibrator she had stashed. Typically, the bullet was used for foreplay, but she figured desperate measures called for immediate action! She eagerly spread her own lips to the buzz of the vibrator.

Her clitoris came alive, humming along with the bullet. She positioned it over her most sensitive area and pressed firmly, trying to achieve the level of stimulation her body needed to climax. Attempting a few positions on the bed she merely grew more frustrated. As the air conditioning kicked in, an idea came to her.

Slipping off her panties and removing her t-shirt, she was now naked facing the air conditioner. She could feel the stream of cold air hit her body. Her nipples immediately tensed, puckering into solid points. Parting the curtains, she pressed her bare breasts against the cold glass of the window pane and spread her legs above the steady flow of air from the vent.  Her clitoris clenched in similar fashion to her nipples. Stepping back to perch her pert ass on the side of the bed, she splayed her legs wide, propping her feet up. Facing the window, she could see rain drops hit the glass.

Looking out, she wondered ‘could anyone see her?’ Switching the bullet vibrator back on, she licked her fingers and wet herself anew. Then she went to work on her already swollen clitoris. The cold air, her wet pussy and the vibrations were working as she bucked her hips. The window acted as a mirror; seeing her perky tits bouncing in the reflection turned her on furthermore. Glancing outside, she imagined Cole watching her right in that moment, telling her to release her stress in his tender voice.

The buzzing vibrations continued as she built up but struggled to achieve orgasm. She licked her fingers and slipped two inside herself, massaging deep on her upper wall. Pressing and thrusting, she arched her back before crying out that she was ready to cum! She opened her eyes in shock to see the window wet on both sides now; continuing to squirt a long, hard orgasm in a clear sweet stream of satisfaction. Her orgasm release puddled on top of the air conditioning unit, soaking her thighs as well as her hand.

She fell back on the bed for a few minutes in rapture and wrought with exhaustion. Her shoulders dropped, truly relaxed as she stood back up. She wiped the evidence of her stress relief off the window pane with a hand towel, smiling at herself in the reflection. If only Cole were watching!

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  2. If he’d been watching, he wouldn’t have been able to resist and would probably join her.

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