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Rainbow Unicorn Horn Dildo

The Unicorn’s magical horn

Below is a short story inspired by the Spilt Peaches Unicorn horn dildo (which I will hopefully review soon!)

Warning, if you do not like erotic stories that feature animals (even mythical ones), then you may not wish to read this piece.


Abigail loved to read fantasy stories about castles with dragons, unicorns and other mythical creatures. Her current favourite book (this changed regularly, since she had a promiscuous imagination) featured a Unicorn with a multicoloured horn. The Unicorn was a bit of a loner, though they were not unfriendly. There were just no other unicorns to interact with.

An androgynous creature, the Unicorn was lean and lithe. It had beautiful blue eyes framed with long dark lashes. The spiral horn sitting on the top of its muzzle was rainbow, with a sparkly sheen akin to a glaze on it’s surface. Smooth but deliciously twisting in a corkscrew.

In her dreams, (which were frequent), Abigail imagined riding the Unicorn as they galloped through woods. They’d trot along beside freshwater streams, emerging in a meadow dotted with buttercups and daisies. The Unicorn would eat grass and clover, whilst Abigail picked daisies to link together in chains. They’d drink spring water bubbling at a lower corner near the woods. Then rest a while in the shade. Abigail would often take a book to read, or some pencils and a sketchbook. She enjoyed being creative. Sometimes, she would stroke the Unicorn’s mane, and brush its white coat. It would whinny in content, making Abigail smile.

Several nights passed during which the Unicorn featured in Abigail’s dreams. She was becoming very fond of the creature, and deliberately chose stories to read that included Unicorns. After a week of these blissful dreams, Abigail began to think about the Unicorn’s horn. Why was it there? she wondered. Was its purpose for defending itself? Later that night, in her dream, she spoke to the Unicorn whilst they were resting in the meadow.

“What does your horn do, Unicorn?” Abigail enquired.

The Unicorn was quietly thoughtful, then a moment later, it circled its head and brayed. It looked at Abigail and winked one bright blue eye! Next, she couldn’t believe her own eyes, as Abigail witnessed the rainbow horn beginning to rotate atop the Unicorn’s muzzle! Lowering its head, it fluttered its long lashes at Abigail and then winked the same blue eye again! Astonished as she was, Abigail blinked and shook her head. The horn kept rotating a while and then stopped.

Shortly after, the dream ended. Abigail went about her day as usual. In the evening, before bedtime she was finding it difficult drifting off to sleep. She felt slightly bewildered by her dream the previous night. To help herself become drowsy, she rubbed her fingers in small circles around her clitoris, and sighed as she felt herself relax. Her orgasm arrived imminently, and she nodded off with a contented smile on her lips.

Her dream that night became more vivid in colour. The Unicorn horn in particular dazzled in the light with it’s shimmery rainbow. Once they had finished riding out to the meadow, as was now routine for them, Abigail sat down to read. After a while she became disturbed by the Unicorn’s restlessness. She looked over at it, and put her book down. The Unicorn fluttered its lashes and winked at her! It lowered its head to rest on the grass, and the horn started to spin slowly. Abigail felt excitedly aroused, as she watched the horn rotating. The Unicorn caught her eye and nodded at her.

Abigail was suitably encouraged. She lowered her panties, taking them off. Next, she knelt in front of the Unicorn. Parting her labia with her fingers, she guided the rainbow horn inside her slick pussy. The twisting shaft rotating against her inner walls felt magical! She angled her hips so that the tip of the horn rubbed against her G spot.

Rubbing her clitoris with her fingers, whilst supporting herself against the ground with her other hand, she felt herself drifting to new realms. The horn’s rotation became faster, and she started to grind against it more vigorously. Mere minutes later, she was catapulted to an orgasm that had such magnitude she saw flashes of light. Her creamy juices slid down the Unicorn’s horn.

The Unicorn whinnied at her, and licked it’s lips. Abigail lifted herself off the horn, which had stopped rotating. It glistened with her sweet pussy cream. When the juices had dried, she noticed that the horn sparkled even more radiantly. With a knowing smile, Abigail said to the Unicorn,

“so that is what your horn does!”


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  1. Er hello Missus, that’s a bit of horny fun, loved it xx

  2. This was fun- I felt you were channelling your inner ‘little’ there, she lived such a fairytale life!

    I liked when it got sexy. I thought her final words would be more like ‘ so who else have you had riding your horn?’ as the shiny-ness had been on it on previous occasions. I cant help wondering what the unicorn gets out of his appendage.

    Sexy sweet fun!

    • My inner ‘little’ wishes for a fairytale I think lol.

      The Unicorn gets the satisfaction of companionship and the naughtiness of their secret 😉

      Oh, and even if she had asked who else had ridden the horn, the Unicorn would never tell 🤐😉 xx

  3. Brilliant writing! So imaginative and a little bit cheeky too. I like how it skirts the edge of taboo but remains wholesomely filthy. Very glad you wrote this, thanks!

    O x

    • Thank you O, if I’d gone on another writers advice not to post, I’d have missed the amazing support you kinky folks have given me this evening. I’m truly humbled 😊 xx

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