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The Wedding Present

Following a recent Twitter conversation with erotic fiction writer Poppy Goodhead, the story below has been written by Poppy and kindly shared for me to post here for all my wonderful readers. If you like what you see here, please check out the published works that Poppy has written. The story below follows on from Amy Plays Away. Thank you Poppy for sharing this erotic teaser with us!

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The Wedding Present

Written by Poppy Goodhead 

Following their whirlwind romance in New York, Brits Amy Summers and Ian Carmichael are guests at a wedding in San Francisco.

‘This is a dreary affair,’ Ian confides politely, replacing his wine glass. The meal has just finished and the rest of their table have staggered off to the dance floor.

Amy yawns her agreement. ‘We need some excitement,’ she says wetting her lips with her tongue. ‘I appear to have dropped my earring. You couldn’t have a look could you?’

Ian slides off his chair and Amy flashes him a smile as he starts scouring the floor around her feet.

‘I think it must have gone down there. You’ll have to crawl under the table.’

Pulling up the heavy cloth and sinking to his hands and knees, Ian crawls into the space beneath the dining table. It’s dark and quiet. Everyone else is dancing. Ian can just make out the distant thud of the band. All he can see are table legs and Amy’s colourful silky dress ending in a pair of teal satin shoes. He crawls around, feeling the sticky carpet but cannot find her precious earring anywhere.

Ian is just about to give up, when he sees Amy starting to pull at her dress. He crawls over to where she is sitting and playfully tickles her ankle.  As she doesn’t object, he slowly strokes her soft smooth calf under the long colourful dress. He lifts up the hem and gives her leg a gentle kiss. Amy’s hand appears under the table cloth and begins hitching up the silky fabric. It glides gracefully over her smooth skin and she slowly parts her legs. Ian can feel the beginnings of an erection!

The dress is over her knees, her high-heeled shoes sharpening her calves, and tightening her thighs. He kneels, kissing her knee. Amy’s hand strokes his hair as she spreads her legs a little wider. He tickles the inside of her knee with his tongue and then, bit by bit traces up the inside of her thigh, pushing her dress a little higher as he goes. Amy guides his head down into the white lace of her flimsy g-string. She wriggles her bottom as he licks her through her panties, leaning back in her chair. With her head tilted towards the ceiling, mouth slightly open, her breath quickens. This is more like it, she thinks, as the tip of Ian’s tongue pushes deeper between her swollen lips.

Amy hooks her thumbs into the skimpy panties and inches them swiftly down her long elegant legs. Ian eases them over her shoes and slips them into his pocket. He parts her legs, admiring her glistening wet pussy lips. He wants to tease her, running his fingers around the tops of her thighs, over her mound, and back down towards her bum. Everywhere except where she wants to be touched! Amy is growing frustrated, she pushes her dress up higher, grabbing Ian’s head, forcing him between her legs. She’s sopping wet and Ian happily laps up her creamy juices. He spreads her swollen lips with his fingers, licking higher and higher to her throbbing clitoris. All the while, feeling his pulsing cock growing harder.

‘Would madam like another drink, champagne?’

Amy can’t speak but Ian hears the waiter freshen her glass and move off as he continues to lick in long slow strokes from her delicate moist hole to her pert clitoris. Her bum rocks in time with his tongue, his tempo quickening as her juices cover his chin. She pushes his head down and he licks faster,  pushing his tongue deeper into Amy’s wet pussy as she rubs her clitoris vigorously. She lifts her feet off the ground, her knees banging against the under side of the table as Ian sucks her toying fingers. Amy’s thighs begin to shake and tremble. Her body shudders, and her free hand grabs his hair as her orgasm consumes her in hot ecstatic waves of pleasure.

When he can discreetly do so, and still with her panties in his jacket pocket, Ian Carmichael takes his seat next to Amy Summers. She smiles wickedly at him and Ian sees how beautiful she looks. Her warm dark eyes, and full pouting lips. Even her ears he thinks are pretty; he looks more closely. Amy clearly has a complete set of earrings! She smiles coyly, knowing he understands, knowing he must be hard and horny. She picks up something from the table.

‘Oh dear, clumsy me! I appear to have dropped my fork,’ she says casually letting the utensil slip from her fingers. It lands between their seats and as Ian reaches to pick it up, with an elegant teal shoe Amy kicks it under the table.

‘How careless of me. Who knows how long I’ll be down there?’ she says, dropping to her knees and disappearing from sight…



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  1. Liked this a lot! Very hot (even though I got anxiety about them being discovered!) Probably a popular fantasy.

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