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Three’s Company

A short story written by yours truly. Three’s Company is inspired by one of my own fantasies!

Three’s Company

Sasha had been walking all afternoon with Sebastian and Josh. The warm spring sunshine had dappled over the trio as they’d walked the grassy hills in the Peak District. Now they were sauntering along the gravelled lane that lead to their holiday cottage.

“What shall we do when we get back?” asked Josh, to which Sasha thoughtfully pondered. “Hmm, my feet are tired, so I’d like a foot rub, and a nice soak in the tub!” Sebastian mocked her in a high-pitched girl’s tone, “Oh would you now, Princess Sash? And then perhaps One would like a 3-course supper, and to be waited on by her two butlers?” Sasha grinned, “You must have read my mind, Seb!”

The two young men exchanged glances and Josh smirked, “we have walked a long way, I s’pose. Maybe we can give you a foot rub…if you’ll wash our walking gear!” She had to laugh, as she knew the guys were only ribbing her. They were more than capable of doing any household chores including laundry, but they liked to wind her up and tease her. Seeing their ploy wasn’t working, Seb interjected, “it sounds like that will be no problem for our Sash, so perhaps she could scrub our boots as well!”

Narrowing her eyes Sasha retorted that she’d come on holiday to relax not to be treated like a maid servant. “Not to worry Sash, we know a great way to get you relaxed!” Josh reassured her.


Inside the stone cottage, Sasha and the two men pulled off their hiking boots and socks. Their feet left prints on the tiled floor as they loped to the lounge to sit down. On the way, they passed through the kitchen, stopping to get some cold drinks from the fridge.

Once in the lounge, Sasha sat on the sofa between Seb and Josh. She put her feet up on Seb’s lap. “Cor Sash, those are a bit whiffy!” Giggling, she responded, I’m sure yours don’t smell too rosy either!” Seb began kneading her instep on her left foot. Josh watched momentarily before getting up off the sofa to fetch the footstool. He sat on the stool, on Sasha’s other side, and took her second foot in his large, strong hands. He rubbed the ball of her foot and rotated her toes gently. Seb was rubbing her arch on her other foot. She closed her eyes and sighed with relaxed delight as they worked on her tired feet.

An hour later, Sasha was bathed and wearing a comfortable robe. She’d padded into the kitchen to make a sandwich. “Hey Sash, do you need an appetiser?” Seb was watching her from the breakfast bar where he was sat finishing his drink after a quick meal. Josh piped up from the lounge “if you’re cooking something, then count me in Sash!” Looking into the fridge, Sash sighed. “There’s nothing that takes my fancy in here!”

Seb removed his top in front of her, then said, “what about over here?” Sasha raised her eyebrows at him, but smirked. “Fairly lean, with a little bit of natural seasoning,” she smirked. Licking her lips, she smiled at him and winked, then turned and headed for the lounge. She walked over to Josh and sat on his lap. “The fridge is empty, so I think we should pop to the local pub for dinner. But we don’t have to go just yet…”

As she finished her sentence, she walked her fingers up the front of his chest. Josh looked at her with a glint in his eye, before looking at Seb, “we have time for a ‘sandwich,’ don’t we?” Seb groaned, “yes, I think there’s plenty of time.” He was undoing Sasha’s robe behind her, nuzzling her neck and giving her quick nips with his teeth, interspersed with hot kisses. Her cheeks were flushing pink, like the early evening sky outside the lounge window.

Josh pulled off his top, and reached for Sasha, gripping around her hips and pulling her towards him. He bent his head towards her parted thighs, and breathed in her fresh musk. Growling, he lapped his tongue up her slit, tracing her labia towards her clitoris. Meanwhile Seb was caressing her breasts from behind her and tugging her nipples between his forefingers and thumbs. Sasha moaned, gyrating her hips, to push her crotch onto Josh’s chin. It was already glistening with her juices.

Seb continued to caress her breasts with one hand, while he reached the other one down to stroke his hardening shaft. He pumped for several seconds then paused to tug his testes. Josh was licking Sasha’s pussy like a dehydrated man at an oasis. Grinding against him, she rested her head against Seb’s chest. Several minutes passed, and Sasha was starting to tremble as her climax built within her. Seb grunted “that’s enough buttering the bread. Time to add the filling!”

He drew his hand back from her breasts reaching for the back of her neck. He nudged her head towards Josh’s lap. Josh had stopped his frenetic lapping over her vulva. He was reclining back in his seat now, with his semi-erect cock tenting in his shorts. Sasha reached for his zip and tugged it down. Freeing his firm length, she took it into her mouth, and bobbed her head up and down.

As she sucked him with enthusiastic vigour, Seb unrolled a condom over his thick cock. He brushed the tip up and down her slit. Then as she breathed a moan, he pushed his head into her warm moist hole. She rocked back onto him and felt his girth fill her. He pumped into her with short, sharp thrusts as she continued to lick and suck Josh’s shaft. The three of them continued for a few minutes before Josh held Sasha’s chin in one hand. “I think our sandwich needs re-filling; lets switch Seb!”

Seb exclaimed, “Not yet, I’m nearly there, and I want Sasha to lick me clean after I cum in her hot pussy.” Sasha had stopped rocking back onto Seb, so she could suck Josh more vigorously. Seb slapped her ass, leaving a warm red print on her porcelain skin. Sasha started to gyrate her hips and bucked her ass up into Seb’s crotch. Shortly after, Seb grunted, as ropes of thick cum released from his straining cock. He carefully withdrew, and removed the condom, before giving Sasha the instruction to clean him.

Obediently, Sasha started kneeling, but Josh pulled her onto his lap, to sit astride his throbbing shaft. She was still facing Seb, and she lowered her head to his softening cock. Josh was already nearing the point of no-return and it was only a matter of minutes before he was ejaculating his thick load of semen.

Seb this time lifted Sasha’s chin, and told her to get dressed then meet them to go to the pub for dinner in 10 minutes. He handed her some weighted nipple clamps and gave her a devilish grin. When we get back we’ll have dessert, and we’ll want our Sasha nicely marinated!”

With that, Sasha danced off to get ready. She was glad Seb had agreed to inviting Josh along on this trip…

Did you know?

I have had a short story, ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ published in this years Eroticon Anthology Truth, edited by Zak Jane Kier.

There are paperback (£10.99) and digital versions available at the following link.

I will earn a small amount of commission from the royalties, and you will get a copy of 28 fabulous short stories written by a diverse group of sex bloggers / writers. Thank you for your support!


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