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When Luke Meets Maddie- A lonely husband’s fantasy comes true

This story was drafted by an avid reader of my erotic tales here at I’ve edited it, but the original idea is theirs, though they’d like to remain anonymous. Thank you to my Guest Writer for sharing this racy story. 😉

Luke had been communicating online with a lady known to him only as ‘Maddie’ for a while; a couple of years, all told. Their conversations were a mix of the banal normal day-to-day life chit-chat through to sexually-charged ones. Luke’s favourite fantasy involved being dominated.

He had met Maddie once for coffee and a chat, though nothing more had come out of their encounter. Luke wished he could take their interaction further. They were both married, however, so there was a lot at risk. He couldn’t bear to betray his wife and did not want Maddie to be disloyal to her husband.

No matter how he tried, Luke just could not think of anything else- it was on his mind 24/7. One day he decided he’d take the plunge to ask Maddie whether they could meet for some no-strings fun. Although hesitant at first, Maddie agreed to see Luke.

Since she knew he enjoyed being submissive, she told him to arrange the room booking. Maddie let Luke know the days and times she was available. Secretly, he thought she may be looking forward to it. Once Luke had found a hotel online that was mutually convenient, he booked a room, then contacted her with the details.

The date was set for a couple of weeks time. As the day drew nearer, Luke felt both excited and nervous. Luke’s mind played with his usually rational way of thinking. What if she backed out and didn’t turn up? Maddie reassured him she would be there, as she realised how much this meant to him.

On the day itself, Luke had arranged to arrive first to check-in to their room. He’d then let Maddie know the room number for her to join him a short while later. She did not have to wonder what she would wear for too long; she knew he loved boots from their online chats. Maddie chose a pair she thought Luke would especially like. They were a black pair of over-knee leather boots, so shiny they were almost reflective.

Maddie selected a skirt and corset to complete the look. Getting ready was relatively swift before she drove to the hotel and parked her car. She checked her phone, finding a message from him that read, “Hi Maddie, I’m in room 24. It’s on the second floor. Just knock on the door when you are there.”

Going through the hotel, Maddie found the reception area to be quiet so she continued to the elevator and up to the 2nd floor. The doors opened, she exited, following the signs for rooms 20-30. Since it was during the day the corridors were empty. Soon she was at the door to room 24. Standing for a brief moment, she pondered momentarily: ‘do I want to go through with it?’

She could easily have gone back into the elevator, driven home and had no contact with him ever again. A part of her thought this was what she definitely should do. Another part of her, however, thought it could be exciting. She felt that she deserved some fun so she knocked on the door. ‘No turning back now,’ Maddie thought.

The door opened. Luke stood in front of her dressed in smart jeans with a jumper. Shyly, he smiled, saying “hello.” Maddie replied with a smile, “nice to see you again Luke, though I wasn’t expecting it to be this way.” She walked into the room; it wasn’t anything fancy. It was business-like with a bed and a desk. There were also drink-making facilities along with an ensuite bathroom. Near the bed sat a small table with a couple of chairs by the window.

Luke closed the door, looking awkward. He’d never done anything like this before. “I like your boots,” he said.

“I knew you would,” was Maddie’s response. Luke produced a box of chocolates, saying “I’ve bought you a gift. I hope you like them.”

Maddie took off her coat, hanging it up on the coat hook. She placed her small bag on the bed, before making her way over to the window. Merely wanting to see what the view was like, while she collected her nerves.

“You found it ok then,” he said rhetorically, though Maddie felt the urge to reply,

“Yes, it wasn’t too difficult to find. It’s quite nice,” she said before he inquired,

“Can I make you a tea or coffee?”

Maddie replied, “maybe later; I haven’t got long.” She popped into the ensuite with her bag, saying to him over her shoulder, “you had better get undressed.”

Luke took his clothes off apart from his underwear and t-shirt. He felt self- conscious and was nervous about revealing his body. He drew the curtains, put on the light and sat in one of the chairs by the window. Trying to make himself feel comfortable, he was fidgeting as it had been a long time since he had been intimate with anyone, including his wife.

He didn’t want to make a fool of himself. The bathroom door opened and so did Luke’s mouth; stepping out into the room was the most mesmerising sight he’d ever seen. Maddie was wearing a black underbust corset, exposing her lovely breasts. Under her tight skirt, she wore dark sheer stockings and black over-knee boots.

Her brunette hair was flowing. She kept her glasses on, along with the boots, as she knew he would love that ensemble. Maddie went over to him, whilst he was sat in the chair in awe of her Dominatrix persona. Luke stood up once he’d appraised the sight of her. She approached him so they could share a passionate kiss.

He loved the feel of the corset when he ran his hands around the back of her body, before caressing her rounded arse. Maddie pressed her breasts into his chest, noticing he was starting to become hard. Jokingly, she told him to calm down. Luke revealed why he kept his t-shirt on.

Maddie was understanding though she said, “you had better remove those pants. They’re in the way.” Next, she lay on the bed, patting the duvet to motion him to join her. He stepped out of his pants, lying down beside her, where they kissed again. Running their hands all along each other’s body, Luke paid particular attention to her breasts.

He knew she liked nipple play and so slowly caressed them, giving them a gentle pinch. Maddie stroked his hard penis expertly; Luke worried about shooting his load early so asked her to ease off. They broke apart from kissing, and she made her way down the bed. His penis was like a rock, standing to attention.

Maddie started to touch Luke there again, slowly teasing the tip of his cock with her tongue. He closed his eyes, feeling like he was in heaven. Maddie slowly took his penis in her mouth, moving up and down his shaft, whilst cupping his balls with her hand. Damn, it felt so good to Luke, and she was clearly getting off on his enjoyment.

Before long, Luke couldn’t hold back any longer; he ejaculated hot strands of cream into her mouth without any warning. Maddie was surprised but happy she had that effect on him. Luke apologised, feeling as if he’d let Maddie down.

Non-plussed, she sat astride him and inched her way up to his face. She was looking at the headboard now, thighs either side of his head. In her best Dominatrix-like manner she summoned him to lick her pussy. Maddie lowered herself down towards his tongue, letting out a little moan when his warm tongue slid along her pussy lips.

Luke began lapping at her firmly, while he reached to caress her breasts. Her nipples were responsively hard; she was clearly enjoying the attention he gave them. As Maddie was grinding her hips, rubbing her pussy roughly against his face, she became soaking wet. She didn’t want it to end, though she wanted his cock inside her.

Before they were finished, Maddie looked around to see his cock was becoming hard again. She moved away from his face and told him to get up while she positioned herself on all fours on the bed. Instructing him to fuck her from behind, Maddie’s breasts bounced against the bed. Luke knelt behind her and slowly eased his cock into her juicy pussy.

Maddie let out a gasp; he felt satisfying. Luke started to move back and forth slowly making Maddie moan with his thrusts. He reached around to play with her breasts. Luke felt her wetness welcome him in as his cock slid in and out with ease. Maddie’s breathing became quicker; her moans louder.

Luke grunted that he was close to cumming. Maddie was also near climax. A few more thrusts later they both let out a powerful exclamation, as they reached orgasm fractions of a second apart. After Luke had pulled out and removed his condom, he watched her dribbling pussy while she rested.

“Mmm,” Maddie said, “I enjoyed that. I think I’ll have that coffee now.” She winked at him as she made her way to the ensuite to freshen up.

Did you enjoy this story? If so, please hang out and read another one like it, here. 😉

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