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Wicked Wednesday #345: His Masterpiece

This is my first ever Wicked Wednesday post. I feel compelled to attempt using the prompt Before and After.

Before meeting the Dominant male

Jess had found a Master on a fetish website; they had struck up a conversation and whilst some of it was explicit in its content, Master tried to engage her mentally as well. He took the time to find out about her interests, which were varied. She loved frequenting galleries to muse over the brushstrokes of artists, and the way the light danced across sumptuous alabaster flesh. The pale crimson hues in their cheeks as the innocent looking models revealed their bodies to the artist.

Her new friend liked to make marks on flesh too, so he revealed to her. Broad pink and red imprints made with his palm or a paddle. Splashes of colour across the chest of his submissive. Jess felt excited by these confessions, and before long they made plans to meet. It seemed fitting their first rendezvous would be at a gallery. As Jess pulled out the outfit He had selected for her to wear, she felt anticipation build up in her stomach, fizzing up into her chest.

She was to wear a pale blouse with a dark bra underneath, paired with a black skirt and sheer stockings with lace tops, held up by a suspender belt. Crotchless pants to allow him easy access to her, of course. The shoes were elegant heels, high enough to display her toned calves but not so high as to make her totter like Bambi. Her yoga had helped define those beautiful lower legs.

Once dressed, she styled her hair carefully in a high ponytail, and proceeded to apply her make-up. A hint of kohl around her blue eyes, blush on her cheeks and rouge on her lips. A spritz of her favourite perfume, floral and light reminded her of a summer’s day despite it being a chill January morning. She had a short train ride to reach the city centre, where she would walk the rest of the way to the gallery. A message on her phone from Him prompted Jess to take a selfie. She pouted her plump lips for the camera, and snapped the shot before forwarding it to Master.


In the West Wing of the Gallery

Jess stood before one of her favourite paintings, looking up in reverence for the artist’s brushwork. Footsteps sounded behind her, and then she felt a hand on her shoulder as the person came to a stop. “Hello Jess,” was her Master’s greeting to her. She turned to look at him, and saw his chiselled jawline and dark brooding eyes. They made small talk as they ambled around the rest of the rooms on that wing. He made reference to the tools he wanted to use on her later;  wax bondage candles and a leather flogger. It made Jess squirm, as they walked and she felt the moisture collecting between her thighs.

Before long they took their leave of the gallery and picked up a coffee en route to their own ‘studio,’ a riverside hotel. The warm ground-roasted latte heated her from the inside as they walked briskly in the chill air. Their feet padded over a gravelly path, making a scrunching sound. By the time their coffees were drunk, they had reached their destination. Check-in was swift and they made their way to the room.

Butterflies rolled and danced in Jess’s stomach as the door clicked open. When they were in the room, Master quietly commanded Jess to undress and lie back on the bed. He pulled the flogger from his suit jacket pocket, and tousled it over her bare chest, before swishing it across her breasts. He managed to delicately catch her nipple each time, and they budded up as if yearning for the rains of leather to contact them again.

Master continued to flog Jess’s bare flesh. He aimed at her upper thighs, across her torso and between her legs. Each successive lash was becoming slightly harder. Once her skin was glowing a light pink, He took a red candle from his pocket, along with a lighter. Setting the wick aflame, he teasingly held the candle above her stomach, trailing drips of wax around her navel and up her torso towards her breasts.

Circling her breasts, he spiralled inwards, leaving red splashes over her bosom and punctuating her areolas. Once he’d finished marking her smooth creamy skin, he checked her intimate folds between her legs for signs of wetness. There was a slick dew waiting his eager fingers, coating them as he slipped two digits into her fleshy pussy.

He brushed his fingers up against her inner chasm, noticing as she arched her back. Stroking her repeatedly, listening to the staccato of her breaths he enjoyed watching her come alive for him. The red splashes across her chest vivid, and the pink glow in her cheeks, she became His masterpiece. If she agreed to try suspension with ropes, He’d try hanging her in his gallery one day!

After her submission

Jess felt light, as though she were floating on a cloud. Master’s voice was soothing and praising her. After bringing her to orgasm with his fingers, he’d gagged her with his cock, and she had painted rouge prints around his shaft. He’d tugged on her hair, pulling her head back slightly to allow her throat to elongate for him. He revealed his plans for their next liaison. He wanted to rent a dungeon-type apartment and suspend her for his viewing pleasure. Her ‘canvas’ skin would be decorated anew, and he would provide his signature to his work of art. Jess knew he was the one to help her appreciate this new form of expression 😉


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Featured image reproduced courtesy of Tom Parnell, from Flickr. 

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  1. I love how you have kept the red line of the art theme from the beginning to the end of this piece. Sexy and hot!

    Welcome to Wicked Wednesday and I hope to see you joining in a lot more 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. This was fun- I too enjoyed the art theme all the way through. It was a lovely hot tale!

  3. Lovely piece and sounds like Jess found the perfect person


  4. This in itself is a work of art! Wonderful build up and a deliciously hot scene.


  5. Very exciting and exciting! I even imagined myself as Jess!

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