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Wicked Wednesday #347: Exploring unchartered territory

Alex and Josh had been dating a few weeks. They’d booked a weekend away to go walking in the hills. It was their wish to use the time alone together to get to know each other more thoroughly. Intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and sexually. Since their relationship was so new, whilst they’d had sex, they’d not really taken the time to explore each other’s likes and erogenous zones. Their carnal activities had been more urgent, and fast-paced. The quick lust-filled fucking to receive gratification and pleasure, rather than leisurely love-making to prolong their satisfaction.

With their accommodation booked, and the date in their diaries, Alex was now planning what lingerie to pack. Meanwhile, Josh poured over Ordnance Survey maps. As Alex mentally browsed through her lingerie collection, she pulled out a few pieces she thought Josh would particularly go wild for. The pieces she selected included a basque set with stockings, a slinky chemise and a crotchless body-stocking. Josh looked over at Alex, as he finished writing down his latest route. He could see she was thinking, so he teased her, “Hey Alex, what do you think about doing a 30-mile trek one day?”

Alex blinked in surprise, then noticed the corners of his mouth creasing in a smirk. “That’s funny Josh, I’ll be waiting for you in the tub, with some bubbles” she quipped in reply, sticking her tongue out at him. “I’m going to go pack now, since we’ll be leaving fairly early tomorrow.” With that, Alex bounced up from her seat and trotted off to her room. Josh called to her from the hallway, “in that case, I’m going to head back to my place and do the same! I’ll see you first thing in the morning”

The next day, Josh pulled up in his 4×4 and loaded Alex’s bag and walking gear into the back. Setting off on their 3-hour drive, the pair chatted and listened to the radio. The journey passed by swiftly, and once they’d settled into their B&B they decided to go on a short walk for the afternoon. A three-mile walk over lush grassy hills helped them burn off some energy after their drive. That evening after they’d dined and relaxed together in the bath they went to their bed. Josh winked at Alex and pulled a small case from his backpack. He retrieved a set of restraints from the case, and raised his eyebrows at Alex.

Her eyes widened in surprise as she saw the silky ties and a blindfold. Next, Josh pulled out a feather tickler as well as a leather flogger. He took a vibrator from the case and switched it on waving it towards Alex and laughing broadly. She giggled, musing, “it looks like you packed the essentials for the bedroom activities!” Josh gave her a smouldering look before enquiring, “care to get a bit tied up?” Alex nodded enthusiastically, and offered her wrists to Josh. He secured each wrist to a railing on the bed’s headboard, and then tied Alex’s ankles to the railings at the foot of the bed. “Nice and comfy?” Josh asked Alex, to which she joked, “well you could fluff my pillows” At this Josh chortled and said, “I may well be doing that soon!”

Now that Alex was at his disposal, Josh lazily teased her supple skin over her torso and around her breasts with the tickler. He continued to stroke along her thighs and up over her navel before travelling down to just above her pubic mound. Then he lightly fluttered the tickler around her nipples in turn before leaning in to suck them. When she was breathing more heavily, he switched the tickler for the flogger. Lashing it lightly from side to side, across her waist and upper thighs before landing teasing glances on each breast. Her skin glowed in response and her eyes shone. He decided at that point to deprive Alex of her vision, so he placed the blindfold across her eyes.

Plunged into darkness, she had to concentrate on the swishes of the flogger. Anticipating where it would land next, she would cry out little exclamations of delight. Josh wanted to turn up the sensations now, so he took the vibrator and ran it over the areas of Alex’s skin that he’d stimulated already. It was on its lowest setting and he started from her upper body, moving down to her lower erogenous zones.

As he ran the vibrator across her pubic mound, he paused, building up her anticipation further. Then he traced the vibrator along her vulva and back across her pert clitoris. Circling her labia and the top of her clitoral hood, he took his time to explore her responsive flesh. Blood flowed to Alex’s vulva, leaving it puffy and rosy. The colour deepened as her arousal grew. Josh increased the speed of the vibrations and continued to labour at summoning Alex’s climactic release. When the time came, she arched her back off the bed, raising her hips to press more firmly against his caresses.

Releasing Alex from her ties, following her orgasm, Josh invited her to take her turn exploring him fully. She grinned at him as she feigned a voice like a wayfaring explorer;

“Now I will proceed to seek out the wonders of this man, my yet unchartered territory!”


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  1. What a way to spend time together! Exploring to find what each of them likes. Wonderful 😊

    Rebel xox

  2. This is one of your best stories Luv Bunny – I adored their loving, exploratory dynamic. I couldn’t help but feel a pang of disappointment that she didn’t get to surprise him with her lovely lingerie, but perhaps that happens on night 2!

    • Thanks Posy for the lovely comment. Oh yes, the lingerie! I think I was in a bit of a rush to actually publish something for the meme that I wanted to focus mainly on the ‘exploration.’ Still there’s the possibility of another story there! xxx

  3. a perfect continuation of their acquaintance) this idea can be taken note of)

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