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lady awake from a dream

A dream at 04:00

Wicked Wednesday #400

It’s 04:00 hours. How do I know? Because I have been counting the minutes going by for the past 27 or so since I woke up from a dream. What was I dreaming about, I wonder fuzzily. Oh yes, I remember now. I was walking with him, around the grounds of a National Trust property. We were seemingly going in circles, but we didn’t mind because we were content to just walk making small talk and sneaking sidelong glances at one another.

At one point we came across a little grotto and took refuge in there for a few minutes. His lips met mine and our tongues danced around as we kissed deeply. We had far too many clothes since it was a cold day in January.

Now it’s 04:02 and I’m wondering how he looks without his clothes. Slim, with good thighs from spinning and running. Enough body hair to make him manly but not too much to be ape-like.

My eyes feel heavy once again, as I start to drift off to sleep once more. His parting words from that day echo in my mind as I fall under sleep’s spell;

I want you…

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  1. Something tells me the dream that followed once you fell asleep again turned into something hot 😉

    Rebel xox

  2. Mmm, sounds like sweet dreams ahead.

  3. it is sexually written and gives imagination an opportunity to fly 😉

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