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Cougar in disguise

For week #413 of Wicked Wednesday, the prompt is cougar. This is a subject I find quite racy, so I’ve penned the following story. I hope you enjoy it!

A senior administrator in her office, Betsy was a demure professional by day. As soon as she’d got home, and peeled herself out of her boring A-line skirt and high-buttoned blouse, she donned her outfit for the evening’s fun.

Munching on a healthy salad before she went out to the bar, she checked her phone for messages. There were two; one from an older guy who wanted a date with her, though she was not so keen, and the other from a guy in his mid-late 20s.

He must have been at least 15 years her junior, but he seemed to have brains, and he was self-assured. Not in a cocky way; arrogance did not win her over. No- he was more ‘worldly.’

Daniel wanted to meet Betsy for some drinks. She messaged him back to say she was on her way. Betsy could walk into town from her apartment. Passing traffic seemed to slow as it drove towards her; these schmucks were on their way home to their plain wives, while she was going to be out flirting and chatting with a hot young date.

Smiling with self-satisfaction, Betsy approached the street where the bar was, within about 15 minutes. Sliding through the door, her feet glided over to one of the booths in a far corner. She’d barely sat down when Daniel appeared at her side. He almost disarmed her with his sparkling greeting. The scent of his aftershave was masculine, with primal undertones.

Regaining her composure, Betsy asked Daniel to order her a Gin and tonic. The barmaid prepared their drinks then Daniel brought them over to the booth. Sitting beside her, he cosied up to Betsy in an assertive but not overbearing way. He liked this woman; she was on his level. Not ditsy like the girls his age. They were shallow; only caring for the latest fashions and posing on Instagram or Snapchat.

Betsy may have been an administrator, but she had a sharp mind. Her wit was edged with a razor that inflicted the slightest knick- enough to be funny, but not too much to be crass. They’d chat and flirt, order fresh drinks, chat some more and several hours later they’d end up going to the bathroom. Separately- him going after she did. When he joined her in the stall, she’d already have her skirt hitched around her hips, wet fingers on her clitoris.

The sight would make him instantly hard. He’d unleash his swollen cock, that would strain to get into one of her hot holes. Sometimes he’d face-fuck her, holding onto her head, making her gag on his length. Other times he’d lift her up, pinning her back against the wall, so she could wrap her smooth legs around his waist, as his cock rammed into her wet pussy.

They’d never stayed the night at the other’s place until now. But tonight after their frantic fuck in the ladies room, Betsy was hungry for more. Not for his cock though; she wanted his fingers and tongue in her.

Whispering in his ear as they finished fucking, he shot his hot cum into her quivering cunt. He grunted that he’d take her home, to give her a thorough going-over. Giggling, Betsy left the bathroom stall and pulled Daniel along with her.

Twenty minutes later, they were in Betsy’s apartment. They got as far as the lounge with its leather sofa before Daniel scooped Betsy up and plopped her down. Kneeling between her legs, he parted Betsy’s thighs and put her ankles on his shoulders. Not one to be shy, Daniel slid his tongue straight into her hot cunt to taste her ripe juices. Licking her with long flicks of his warm tongue, Betsy cooed her arousal.

She bucked her hips up, while he teased her hole with his fingers, before sliding them in up to his knuckles. Pressing against her inner spongy surfaces with his fingers as she ground her pelvis against his chin, he knew it was only a matter of time before she catapulted into her orgiastic frenzy.

When she did, it was loud and guttural, like a wild animal. As Daniel looked up at Betsy, he winked and said: “I do love cougars the best of all the wild cats!”

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  1. OHHHHH – very hot LB – Betsy certainly got what she wanted!
    May xx

  2. wow) the story is hot&arousing 😉

  3. A very hot story, and love that last line. The are the best of the wild cats, right 😉

    Rebel xox

  4. I would like to be Betsy!

  5. Well you are right … Daniel is certainly “not one to be shy” … and neither is Betsy it seems.
    Very arousing !!!
    Xxx – K

  6. Sexy story, I enjoyed reading it.

  7. wicked hot, well done. Love the bathroom needy scenes.

  8. that girl definitely got what she wanted 🙂

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