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Woman in short skirt and stockings

Flaunting myself on a coffee date

Wicked Wednesday #398; Flaunt

My sheer stockings shine and catch the light as I smooth them over my legs. Attaching the suspenders, I feel a bit clumsy, but once hooked up, I admire my reflection in the mirror.

Black stockings with a black and teal green bustier set is the choice for today’s encounter.

I plan to meet with a woman, and I know she likes these colours. My torso looks svelte and athletic, encased by the attractive bustier. I am in matching panties, and I have to laugh at how skimpy they really are.

Since I have large feet, I have trouble finding heels to complement my outfit, so I don a pair of black leather Doc Martens. Teamed with my tight A-line skirt, it makes me look slightly rebellious. I’m far from conventional, and I wink to myself in the looking glass, as I pout and apply rouge to my lips.

Patting a few stray hairs that have tumbled from my up-do, I give my coiffured locks a spritz of hairspray, then I pick up my bag containing everything I need for my date.

A short tube ride later, I pocket my Oyster card, as I walk out of the station. I notice a few surprised looks from passers-by as I stride confidently along the pavement to my destination. I’m meeting my girl at an artisan cafe. We both love people watching whilst we sip our double espressos.

Nearing the cafe entrance now, I glance through the window and notice her sat at a table in the middle of the floor space. She looks divine in her stockings and heels, with a sexy little dress and jacket. As I walk through the door, she looks at me and smiles her broad beaming grin.

She stands to greet me, and we do the continental kissing of cheeks, as I inhale her floral scent. I’m giddy with excitement, and she tells me that she has already ordered some coffees for us. We take our seats at her carefully selected table.

It’s not long before a chiselled young man walks in and sidles up to the Barista to place his order. This is no regular Starbucks, and it’s mainly b-grade actors and models who come here. We look at him salaciously, whilst trying to appear nonchalant.

I imagine walking up to him and sliding those tight trousers down his jutting hips. What would I find underneath? Something tells me this guy would go commando, and I ache to see his throbbing cock flaunt me in the face.

My reverie is halted, when he walks past and smiles at us confidently greeting us with one word as he walks past; “Ladies.”

If only he knew, that under these clothes and make-up was another guy! But I think I like it better that he doesn’t. Maybe next time he comes here when I’m having a coffee, I’ll pluck up the courage to chat to him…

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  1. Oh I love that little twist in the end! Great story!

    Rebel xox

  2. What a great story, particularly the twist at the end!

  3. love the outfit

  4. I suppose that a pair of black leather Doc Martens fits those srocking a lot and in a very sexy way!

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