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Giving an oral performance

This week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt is Drama, and I spotted another meme that I’ve not participated in before but is a monthly meme all about oral sex. The monthly prompt for February is Lick or Suck. My head immediately thought those are two topics that can be blogged about in one post. For me, sex can be dramatic. You can dress up in lingerie, use props if you wish and even record it to watch back at a later date.

The act of giving a blow job is like a performance. I make it my mission to stimulate as many senses as I can whilst giving my man oral sex. He can be in a comfortable position for him, and hopefully me too. That way, I’m not going to be hampered by a crick in the neck or some other mood-killing sensation. I’ll be wearing something he finds sexy, so the visual appearance keeps him excited. Practicalities like my hair flapping around will be dealt with as I require it to be so. Making moaning sounds will let him know I’m enjoying giving him pleasure, and the vibrations will add to the sensations on his cock.

To add to the drama, mirrors may be involved. There’s nothing hotter than seeing yourselves having fun! Lipstick whilst messy if it gets on your teeth looks sexy as fuck marking his cock. At that moment, his dick is mine, and the lipstick lets him know it. As for whether I lick or suck, I like to do both. Depending on how quickly we want things to end, I’ll do whatever it takes to either get him to explode in record time. Alternatively, I’ll tease him for as long as I dare, or until one or both of us want to switch it up to Penis-in-Vagina sex.

When I go down on my guy, I want him to feel like I’m the best he’s had, so I will work my mouth off to make sure he gets off!

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  1. In some cases, it’s best not to rush. Faster doesn’t always mean better.

  2. I agree with you mirrors add and enhance sensations.

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