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Who’s been naughty? Wicked Wednesday #392

Sophie left something lying around that she shouldn’t have. Steve reprimands her, but is she the only one who’s been naughty in this story? Read on to find out… 😉

Who’s been naughty?

It was late at night. Sophie had finished her shift at the store. It was all knick-knacks and bric-a-brac. This time of year the Christmas decorations came out in force. If she had to listen to “Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer one more time, she would scream! All of which made her feel the stress.

As she drove onto her road, the heavens started to open. The rain poured down. Pulling into her drive, she could see that the downstairs lights were not on. “Great, the electrician has not been again!” Could nothing go right with this build? Sophie and her husband had been extending their home, and the process had been one pitfall after another. Both time delays and costs were mounting up. Sophie got to the front door and dropped her keys on the doorstop; as she bent down to pick them up, the front door fell open. “How strange,” she thought to herself.

Sophie walked into the house, calling “Steve, are you there” in a soft voice so as not to wake their daughter. She continued through to the kitchen. On the table were plans and a spreadsheet for the building works. Then, there clear as day, at the other end of the table, she saw something gleaming. Could it be? Had Steve found it? Before she could answer her own question someone had crept behind her.

She was just about to turn around, when a hand grabbed her hair. Pulling it firmly, so her head tilted up. A pair of lips came close to her ear, whispering:

“Who’s been a naughty girl then?”

“Sorry, what do you mean?” Sophie asked sheepishly. While holding Sophie’s hair, Steve angled her head to the end of the table. “What do you call that then, a juicer?!” Steve said in a stern voice.

“Oh that,” muttered Sophie.

“Yes that!” Steve admonished, “you have been a naughty girl who needs to be taught a lesson!”

Before Sophie could answer, Steve had pulled off her clothes until she was standing naked. Steve stood behind her, pulling her close to him. He was moving his hands up her body, cupping her breasts tightly. Then he started to play with her nipples, twisting and pulling them until they became rock hard. Her breathing slowed, becoming deeper.

“Do you like that? I can feel your hard nipples between my fingers.”

Preparing to be punished

Steve grabbed both of Sophie’s hands, pulling them in front of her before binding them together. Sophie could feel the hemp rope tighten and firmly hold her wrists. Steve pushed her over onto the kitchen table. Realising she was in trouble, she knew to subdue to his will. But she could have never imagined in her wildest dreams just what Steve had in mind for that evening!

Lying flat on the table, she felt Steve forcing her legs apart, then strapping a spreader bar between then. “What else does he have in mind?” Sophie pondered. She could not see what was happening; and tried to move her head to see what Steve was doing.

Suddenly she felt a firm hand on her back. Next a cold liquid dripped on her ass, sliding down to her pussy. Was he going to do what she thought he was? She didn’t have to wait long to find out! Her butt plug was eased into her ass. It felt so tight inside her puckered hole. Steve kept pushing until Sophie felt the full butt plug glide deep into her ass. “Oh my god,” she whimpered; “that feels good!” Sophie moaned.

“Does it now?!” Steve retorted.

He then cupped her pussy, slipping his fingers over Sophie’s clit before pushing them deep into her pussy. Thrusting his fingers inside Sophie’s pussy a few times, he briefly paused just as she was starting to enjoy the full sensation.

“Why have you stopped? I was enjoying that,” Sophie exclaimed.

“Silence, naughty girl!” Steve reprimanded her.

Sophie then felt something else inside her. It began to buzz. She thought that Steve had just swapped his fingers for an ordinary vibrator. However, Sophie was in for a shock; this was not a regular vibrator. As the vibrator pulsed inside her pussy, she could feel the vibrations run through her body. By surprise, her pussy started to twitch; this vibrator was an e-stim version!

Steve kept turning up the shock level; as he did, Sophie’s breathing started to get more profound, and she took deep breaths.

“Do you like it now?” Steve questioned?

“Oh Steve, it feels so good!” Sophie groaned.

“We can’t have that now,” Steve said, slightly irritated. He walked around the table and picked up the metal ruler he had been using to measure the plans. Grabbing a bunch of Sophie’s hair with one hand and using the other hand to smack her ass with the metal ruler. Every smack made Sophie’s ass smart, and burn with the impact. Each time, Steve asked,

“Who’s been a naughty girl?!”

Once Sophie’s ass was red, he knew it was time to move on.

Steve pulled the e-stim vibrator out of her pussy. It practically fell out since her pussy was now dripping wet. He decided to leave the butt plug in her ass though. Spinning her around, so she was facing him,  Steve grabbed her arms. He then pushed her to her knees.

Next he unzipped his trousers, pulling out his rock-hard cock, which was throbbing.  The veins on his cock were bulging! Sophie knew what he wanted without a word being said.

With her hands still tied in front of her and her legs spread, she took his cock into her mouth. Steve could feel her lips tighten around his shaft, sliding up and down. She was sucking on it hard with each stroke. Still this was not enough for Steve, so he grabbed a handful of her hair once more, pulling her closer to him.

His cock now filled Sophie’s mouth. Looking up, she could see he was enjoying this. As she sucked his hard cock, taking all of it in her mouth back and forth with every mouthful, she could see he was getting close to ejaculating.

Suddenly, Steve pulled out of her mouth, grabbing his cock and masturbating with fervour. It was not long until Sophie felt the hot sticky cum all over her bosom. As it dripped down her chest, she looked up at him smiling coyly.

“Who’s been naughty now, Steve?!”

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  1. oh, very hot story, Bunny) Steve is so naughty as well as Sophie)

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