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A Party with the Clitoratti

Following some exchanges of tweets, I was invited to the all-female Clitoratti play party hosted at a plush apartment in London, by Killing Kittens. As a complete novice to the Killing Kittens sexual elite I felt somewhat apprehensive. It was to be my first ever party of this kind. I was able to join in the KIK chat group. Conversations ranged from where to meet for pre-party drinks, to thoughts on sexual health protection and sex toys.

I was curious to see what other kittens thought about the use of dental dams for girl-on-girl play (obviously not limited to this use, but in the context of this party I am referring to girl-on-girl play only). Some of the kittens were not sure about using dams, as they thought it would detract from the experience of tasting another woman’s vulva and vagina. Others were concerned that unless they knew the full sexual history of a potential play mate, they’d not want to play without a dam. Seems reasonable enough to me. After all, STIs like Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea can be transmitted through oral sex.

Some of the kittens used sex toys, and all of them liked lingerie. What’s not to love about feeling sexy in some satin and lace? There were some luxury brands mentioned, with the likes of Honey Birdette and Vollers. I joked that those were beyond the limit of my ‘lingerie’ allowance, though they do look lovely ranges.

Party preparations

I received details of the Clitoratti venue from Killing Kittens on the evening before the party, as did the other kittens. We had been informed of the general area within London previously. I had booked my hotel for the night. I’d chosen what I had thought would be a good option, as the agent I booked with allowed free cancellations up to 48h prior to the stay. Seeing that a few of the kittens had to pull out within the week leading up to the party, I felt that I’d made the best decision at the time. The rules of the party were:

• Treat everyone with respect.
• Accept boundaries given by other party-goers.
• No phones to be used during the party, and no photography.
• Masks have to be worn to be allowed into the party.
• What happens at KK stays at KK.

Fairly straightforward rules, making sure that all the party-goers can feel safe that their identity will be kept anonymous if they wish.

The format of the evening included a prosecco reception from 8:30pm. Doors would close at 10pm, with no entry allowed thereafter. Professional photographer, Yemi King was doing boudoir style shoots with up to 6 of the party-goers. These had been reserved at a cost of £35. I hadn’t booked a photoshoot, but from what I heard from other kittens, Yemi helped them feel confident to capture sexy sensual images they could treasure.

At about 11pm there was a tantric massage display in one of the upstairs bedrooms. It was sensual to watch the two attractive ladies enjoying the feeling of warm oiled flesh sweeping over each other. Some of the kittens were enjoying kisses, more interested in indulging their desires than watching the tantric massage.

Sapphic delights among the Clitoratti

Couples broke away to enjoy themselves, and small groups were spread throughout the apartment. The open plan lounge area was lit with coloured LEDs reflecting off mirrored walls creating an erotic ambience. I enjoyed a couple of glasses of prosecco, chatting to attractive ladies.

I was mostly there to absorb the experience and I enjoyed a lollipop to make my kisses sweeter to any potential playmates. I’d also armed myself with a few of my toys, including my We-Vibe Tango and Satisfyer Pro 2. Feeling excited by the sexual energy in the room, I had a play and let myself be watched by other party-goers, whilst I indulged in the sight of writhing kittens on the bed.

The party came to an end at about 2am, and I booked myself an Uber to my hotel. If I were to go to another party, I’d pay more attention to where the other party-goers were staying, as it would have meant taxis /Ubers could be shared. Would I go again? If money permits, I’d like to go again. The breakdown of costs for me personally was:
• £140 hotel.
• £54 Train fares and Uber.
• £15 Drinks.

I already had my lingerie and outfit. I wore a wet-look body suit with zip through crotch, under a black skirt and teal sleeveless top.

Entry to the Clitoratti party normally costs £25, and membership to Killing Kittens is required. Other parties are on offer, in various formats. Details of these can be found on the Killing Kittens website. My entry was free of charge in exchange for this blog post. 

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