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Eroticon Meet & Greet 2019

Ok, I’m so disorganised that I literally shoved stuff in a bag and case after being exiled from my house today.

But in returning, I had a case of FOMO and thought dammit, this house chaos is not going to stop me from going. And neither am I (my anxious self that is!)

So, I’m Luv Bunny (@LuvbunnySL82 on Twitter). I want to attend as many talks as I can. Meet friends I met last year and meet some I haven’t seen in real life yet.

My choice of song for tonight though it’s probably too late to add, is Just Like Fire by Pink! Because Pink! is awesome and said the reason she’s so successful is that she’s surrounded by people who are better than her!

That’s inspiration to me. Though I’ve been quiet on here and emails lately, I am not gone.  I’m going to be there as much as I can when it counts!

Eroticon 2019 meant too much to me to miss.

See you all there tonight!


See my post on the Meet & Greet and Saturday morning talks here.

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  1. I loved receiving your text that – after pulling out on Thursday – you were coming after all! I am so admiring that you pulled your luggage and yourself together in such a short time to travel to London in time for the meet & greet. I have to conclude that, although you feel as if you’re disorganised and messy, I can only wish/aspire to your organisational skills!

    Great to have you with me this weekend, weshared so much with each other, not least our different blogging styles You were (as last year) very generous with your tech tips. You might not feel very tech savvy but you wield a fountain pen compared with my blunt wax crayon technique!!

    • Haha, I felt like a diva sending that text! Glad I could come and escape the chaos at home. Not much progress on that front so we’ll be having words with contractor 😟

      My tech skills are improving but so much I am ignorant of!

      As for organisation, I’m randomly organised in some areas and chaotic in others, lol!

      It was a fun weekend;fast-paced and lots of info but glad I can share snippets I gleaned 😊

      I love how you write loads of stories and join in with memes. That’s what I’d like to get into now 😊

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