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#SoSS Share our Shit Saturday luvbunnySL82 meme

#SoSS; February went in a snap-(shot)!

My plan for this instalment of sharing is to look back on some of the pictures shared by other bloggers as part of February Photofest 2018. This is a meme that was bought to life by Molly of

A pick of some of the fabulous entries
  • Kilted Wookie shows us his rugged male form almost in full-frontal (albeit for the towel he is tantalising us from behind) in his photo entitled Revealing.
  • Miss Scarlet has a clever image of her reflection in a mirror. There are opaque stripes going through it horizontally. On first glance, before I read the text above the image, I thought it was a picture of Miss Scarlet through her shower screen. I had thought the photo had been taken by someone else. I like all the lines in the image, both from the mirror, and the wall tiles. We see fragmented glimpses of Miss Scarlets voluptuous curves, which both delight and frustrate the viewer.
  • May More gives a seductive sidelong shot of her lithe body, wrapped in a sheer beach sarong wrap. Her tanned legs are exposed, and bent in that sexy ‘waiting to be taken’ way.  The photo setting is a beach cave in the Algarve. I am immediately wishing I could be in a warmer clime right now… And looking at a gorgeous body like May’s…
  • Atiya Luv of Sincerely Yours shows a beautiful selfie with a filter to create a carnival effect in celebration of Dominican Republic’s Independence Day. The filter is colourful and vibrant. I am drawn to her plump full lips, as I look at the image. The carnival also looks like a lot of fun!

There are loads of other fabulous images I could talk about in this post, but I usually have a strict word limit for these SoSS blogs. In the interest of keeping to that, I will ask that you click the link to Molly’s site.  There you can peruse the photos at your own pace.

Thanks for checking out our stuff, and remember to return often! xx


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  1. Thanks so much – i nearly didn’t include that photo but glad i did now 😉

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