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Fitting Guide for Corsets

Body-shaping corsets have been worn for centuries, from around 1700 BC. They became less popular in the lead up to the 15th Century. Following a revival, corsets became en vogue up until the Victorian era.

Corsets reduce the waistline, whilst emphasising the wearer’s bottom half. Quite literally- just think of Kim Kardashian! That’s ‘the look’ corsets strive to emulate. It doesn’t matter whether you are plus-size, as many manufacturers cater for all shapes. Basically, a corset fits your torso like a glove, to give support to your bust and back. Meanwhile your waist is cinched in offering you an attractive hourglass figure to show off!

It’s important to consider the design of the corset you are planning to buy. Authentic corsets that are not mass-produced will offer a better fit for your shape. Fabrics used in manufacturing will ideally be natural and high-quality, in layers to provide support. Satin serves both these purposes well. The stitching ought to be durable and boning will include internal steel busks  and spirals. Cheaper alternatives often contain inferior plastic boning. This simply does not provide the correct support, instead just ‘bowing out,’ which creates unsightly bumps and ripples.

A genuine corset follows the natural curve of your body when worn. You can choose an under-bust corset or a full-length version. Ensure you measure the fullest section of your bust and accurately size your bra cups. When measuring around your waist, take care to note where your natural waistline falls. This will be a couple of inches above your belly button. The corset will skim your hips, so get the tape measure around your hip bones too!

I know from experience that hook and eye fastenings on the rear can be fiddly. Not to mention, a proper bona fide corset should have lacing up the back. You’ll need a willing assistant to lace you up tightly, which can make wearing the corset even more fun. 😉


Ideal for occasion and intimate wear

Corsets are available in so many different styles now, all over the internet. It has never been easier to find one whether you want it for a special occasion such as your wedding or a party. Alternatively, you may wish to wear one for an evening out on the town or in the comfort of your home. They are so versatile, so it’s a case of narrowing down which one you like best and can afford. Then you can happily get on with buying, wearing and narrowing down your own silhouette. 🙂


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