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Dona Shimmer Spray 'Grab me in Gold'

Dona Shimmer Spray

A couple of months ago, I received some products from Roomantics. I have written reviews on the first two items, which included the Kama Sutra Tropical Plumeria candle. My last item for testing is the Dona Shimmer Spray ‘Grab Me in Gold!’ This spray is aphrodisiac and pheromone infused. Its purpose is to create a luminous look.

One of the ingredients listed is Pueraria Mirifica (P. mirifica) Root Extract. P. mirifica is a member of the bean subfamily, and is found mainly in Thailand. Its tuberous roots contain several phytoestrogens. Postmenopausal women in Thailand have been consuming this plant species for over 100 years. There are claims it has beneficial estrogenic effects. P. mirifica is widely harvested for commercial products, that are consumed for their rejuvenating properties.

There is no literature to support the use of P. mirifica for anti-ageing, skin lightening, breast enlargement and hair regrowth. But apparently, medical literature documents the plant’s use for menopause primarily, and also for cancer and osteoporosis.

Applying Dona Shimmer Spray

It is best to apply the spray after a bath or shower. You can use it on your legs, arms, décolletage and elsewhere for a subtle hint of shimmer. The scent is light and fruity. Not surprising since it contains the generic ‘Parfum’ (fragrance). It also has Cucumis sativus (cucumber) fruit extract, which functions as a skin conditioning agent.

Dona Shimmer Spray is a liquid that is fairly runny in consistency, but not sticky. The pump action spray squirts out quickly, and when I rub it over my skin I can see the shimmery sparkles on the surface. The gold looks pleasant and is subtle. A quick glance may mean you can easily miss noticing it, though I’m sure with repeated applications the effect will be more evident. It feels light on my skin without being oily and my skin looks more moisturised when I apply it. There is the usual advice to ‘discontinue use if irritation occurs.’

The bottle contains 60mL so if you are going to a party or a festival over the summer, it is small enough for packing in a handbag or backpack. Dona Shimmer Spray is also available in ‘Seduce Me Silver,’ from Roomantics. Each spray bottle costs £7.

As for the pheromone effect, I am not certain it makes me any more appealing to Mr Bunny. His sense of smell isn’t the best! I am happy to smell the fragrance of the Shimmer Spray, so that’s enough for me!

The Dona Shimmer Spray was sent to me free of charge in exchange for my honest opinions. I would like to thank Lynette at Roomantics for allowing me to review for them. Affiliate links have not been used in this post.


Dona Shimmer Spray

Scent / Flavour

Subtle luminous gold body spray that applies easily and smells pleasant.

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