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Oomf Natural Water-Based Lubricant containing CBD packaging with tag-line #FindYourOomf

Finding my Oomf…by trying out a new CBD-based lube

This post is going to be a bit of a hotch-potch of the following:

  • 1. What’s going down for me at the moment at home and at work (resting bitch face).
  • 2. A self-care strategy that I’m attempting at the moment. Literally, fucking the pain away.

Firstly, home life has been busy. I was a single parent at the weekend, while Mr Bunny went off to the New Forest on a trip with his Uni chums. The reason I didn’t tag along was that my work has been a bitch lately, (I’ll go into that more later). Though the New Forest is meant to be a 2.5-hour drive from our home as the crow flies on Google Maps, in practice, with the Friday afternoon traffic on the M25 and other roads, it ends up being more like 4-5 hours. Fuck that for a weekend away. Too much fricking stress!

So Little Bunny and I had a chill day on Saturday. Which, this weekend was more akin to ‘shatter-day’ than ‘yay it’s the freakin’ weekend!’ In keeping with the chill theme, I’d planned for us to have a little mum-and-daughter time at a cat café about an hour’s drive away. My bossy dog has been a shouty biatch lately, so being surrounded by quiet cats was a lot more peaceful, I’ll admit.

The dog shouts at everything, in answer to your next question. She shouts at us for food, and she yells at the fridge (a lot, as she seems to think it’s out to get her). When she barks, it’s loud. And if you don’t know what she looks like you could be fooled into thinking she’s bigger than she is. Ergo, when I have a few seconds of peace and quiet I really enjoy it!

As for what’s going on at work, I am in the position of working in retail 4 days a week. Which usually wouldn’t be too bad. But at the moment, it’s seriously not fun. 🙁 It has been pretty stressful lately, because of politics between the main business owner, and the manager at our site who has effectively stepped down since July. Now he’s due to leave permanently at the end of the month because of a feud between him and the business owner (who is a bit of a bragging bully type in my opinion). In the words of Duncan Bannatyne from Dragon’s Den, he’s effectively saying,

‘I won’t be investing in this ridiculous business anymore, I’m oot!’

Which is great for him, but not so great for myself and my two colleagues, who seem to be bearing the brunt of Bragging Bully’s rancour, along with not having enough stock. This latter problemo won’t be resolved until the ‘Duncan Bannatyne’ has gone. Are you still following me, or have I completely lost you?

So retail…that wonderful place when the economy is going to shit, and customers think you’re incompetent because you can’t supply what they want…though you’d willingly order them something if they gave you the time of day to humour you by looking at a brochure or two… Suffice it to say, my days off are my sanctuary at the moment.

This brings me to the next part of the post…fucking the pain away. I’m talking about pain in the emotional and physical sense here. Having turned 40 this year, along with the effects of grief, stress and sometimes sucky mental health has meant that my libido has been a bit off-kilter. But I want to start feeling more like myself, so I’m using some tools (sex toys) and a new lube from to literally get the endorphins going. The lube is one that has Cannabidiol (CBD) in it, and I only got a trial pack, but so far I like it. I’m thinking of ordering a full-size bottle soon. They also sell bath bombs, so I got myself one. When I try it, I’ll let you know what I think about it.

Oomf Natural Water-Based Lubricant containing CBD. Rear of packaging with ingredients listed

I’ve used about 2 of the 5 little sachets so far, and you get a decent amount of lubricant that feels smooth and helps reduce any friction (trust me, now that I’m 40, friction down there is not always so great!) The odour is fairly neutral, and after I’ve enjoyed a few orgasms I feel generally calmer. Maybe that’s the effect of the orgasm itself and not necessarily the CBD, but who cares? If it works, I’m happy to keep trying it!

I bought the lubricant sachets directly from ByQuanna, and my thoughts and words are my own. There are no affiliate links in this post.

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