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Tropical Plumeria scented massage candle in black tin, by Kama Sutra.

Kama Sutra Tropical Plumeria Massage Candle

Following on from my recent post, A selection of treats from Roomantics, I am writing this post to give my review of the Kama Sutra Tropical Plumeria massage candle. It was offered to me by Lynette at Roomantics, in exchange for my unbiased review.

A tin of Black Magic

The Kama Sutra Tropical Plumeria Massage candle is presented in a black metal tin. There is a spout for easy pouring of the melted oil. It weighs 170g and has a total burn time of 35 hours. Directions on the tin advise trimming the wick ¼ inch before burning. Just take care to use sharp scissors, as the tip of the wick is quite waxy. I was a bit of a numpty and accidentally gouged into the wax with the end of the scissor blade. Not a major disaster, but just spoilt the appearance of the unmelted wax somewhat.

Kama Sutra’s Tropical Plumeria massage candle has a blend of skin-conditioning coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E formulated in the wax. It smells delicious, reminding me of cocktails on a beach. Perfect for creating a sense of blissful relaxation, and a reminder of summer holidays. To create some oil for your massage, burn the candle for approximately 20 minutes. We burnt it longer, for perhaps 45 minutes, creating a decent amount of oil. It was surplus to our requirements for a back shoulder and neck massage, but the unused oil solidified on cooling.

Tropical Plumeria scented massage candle lit and burning in black tin. By Kama Sutra.

During the massage the oil felt warm, and glided on my skin without feeling greasy. It has a lovely aroma, and leaving it on my skin overnight left it feeling smooth and nourished. I am glad it has a long burn time of 35 hours, as it will mean plenty of opportunity for further massages! This also means you get reasonable value for your money.

Where to buy the Kama Sutra Topical Plumeria massage candle

The Kama Sutra Tropical Plumeria candle retails for £20.50 on the Roomantics site.  It offers the chance to spend some quality time together at the end of a busy day, and we look forward using it again soon!

Do you prefer massage candles or oils? Have you tried the Kama Sutra range of products? If you are interested in their range, you can read more in the review I wrote of their travel-sized Getaway Kit.


I received the Kama Sutra Tropical Plumeria candle free of charge, in exchange for my honest opinion. I would like to thank Lynette at Roomantics for allowing me to review for them. Affiliate links have not been used in this post.

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