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Guest review of the Fleshlight Flight Pilot Masturbator

As the title suggests, what you are about to read is, you guessed it, a guest review! My kind benefactor is a friendly male who has recently signed up as jkay72 on

What you are reading are his thoughts and opinions. Enjoy!

I’ve wanted to try a masturbator toy for sometime now, but have been scared of taking the plunge. I also had no idea of what to go for. It was made more difficult due to my wife not wanting to experiment with toys for herself. So whatever I chose would have to be my little secret.

Having long been a reader of this blog I thought I needed Bunny’s advice.
So, after chatting through what I wanted from a toy and what the options were, I ordered a Fleshlight Flight Pilot from Bondara. I also ordered their Slip N’ Slide Aqua water-based Lubricant.

They both arrived a couple of days after placing the order, in a discreet package.

First impression of the Fleshlight Flight Pilot; a plain tube, nothing that screamed out male masturbator on it, so my secret would be safe from my Mrs. I was very eager to try it, so when I found myself home alone, I got myself in the mood for my first “Flight Test” by watching some Pornhub videos.

Fleshlight Flight Pilot

Within minutes of being in my own private cabin, I was soon turned on and very hard. Fleshlight in hand I tried to take off for the first time. As I tried to slip my cock in I found it very tight. Rookie mistake was that I didn’t use the lubricant! Feeling a bit of a Maverick, I realised I would need to apply the Slip N’ Slide, if I wanted to get off the ground Tom Cruise style. The Slip N’ Slide felt great as I rubbed it along my erect cock – not too wet so that it would be annoyingly dribbly, nor was it sticky.

This time, when I engaged my Joystick inside the Fleshlight, there was still the snug fit. Only now I could slide in and out much more easily. The sensation from it was even better than what I’ve achieved up to now with just my hand. In a word it was and is magical! By controlling the level of suction at the base of the Fleshlight Flight Pilot you can find your perfect comfort.

Slowly fucking it was incredible. As I got used to my flight control panel, and gained altitude I began to fuck it more vigourously. My landing gear (foreskin) was pulled back by the textured inner sleeve gripping me tightly. This made the experience more satisfying, increasing the amazing sensations. Fuck, to say I loved it, would be an understatement.

Before long I was cruising at 30,000 feet, my engines were all on full jet thrust. With my cock hard and throbbing, there was nothing keeping me from breaking the sound barrier. My cum was released into the flesh-like inner sleeve, which felt satisfying.

Upon landing back at base for a debrief, the tidying up afterwards was easy. You simply remove the inner sleeve and wash it in soapy water, then leave it to air dry.

Overall I’m glad I purchased the Fleshlight. If you have been wondering like me whether you would benefit from venturing into new territory, I’d say

Abso-fucking-lutely get a Fleshlight on your radar!

Whenever I’m alone and in the mood to play I go on a solo flight with my Fleshlight! What’s more, I can talk about it with my crew and let them in on my secret (which is still safe from the Mrs) 😉

Thank you Jkay72 for sharing your feelings about your experience! Affiliate links have been included in this review, which should you choose to use them, will help me to keep this blog running, at no extra cost to you!

Featured image courtesy of Pexels.

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