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Satisfyer Men Vibration

Guest Review of the Satisfyer Men Vibration

Since I don’t have a penis and Mr Bunny is more interested in trying the Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration, I offered up the non-heating one to a good friend of mine, Stutographer

Below is his genuine opinion of the Satisfyer Men Vibration, from

Lately, the satisfaction I get from masturbation has been somewhat lacking. When Luv Bunny asked me to review the Satisfyer for Men Vibration, I jumped at the chance. This was not only an opportunity to help a friend but also to try a new product from Satisfyer’s ever-expanding range.


The Satisfyer Men Vibration comes packaged in a fairly discreet black box. There’s an image of the product on both faces of the box. On one of the side panels is a little spiel about this ‘guybrator.’ Indeed if it wasn’t for the quote ‘like a blowjob-just better,’ I’m sure the box wouldn’t look out of place nestled among other male products in a department store.

Kudos to Satisfyer for this. I personally prefer this to the usual packaging I’ve seen covered with near-naked women. Now those who know me will understand I’m no prude. Satisfyer’s packaging makes me feel male masturbation is okay rather than taboo, as implied by other styles of packaging.

The contents of the box include the Satisfyer Men Vibration itself, and a magnetic USB charger. An illustrated user guide covers everything from operating the controls, how to use them (with a nifty illustration) to cleaning/storage. This leaflet is multilingual, which is useful.

Satisfyer Men Vibration packaging
                                Front, side and rear panels of the discrete black packaging.

The Satisfyer Men Vibration

The toy itself is a stylish piece of kit and is solidly built. The sleek lines of the ABS plastic body blend in well with the silicone of the mouth-like aperture, which is 4.5 cm in diameter. I find it fits snugly in my hand. Personally, I prefer this style of toy to the anthropomorphic ‘pussy in a can’ type; I find them rather peculiar. The overall length of the Satisfyer Men Vibration is 15 cm (6″ in old money), with an inner canal length of 7 cm (2.5″).

To charge the battery you simply connect the USB charger to the contact points on the rear of the toy. As these are magnetic, they just click into place. The toy fully charges in around 2.5 hours. There was some charge in the toy when I first opened it, allowing me a chance to cycle through the vibrations. I ran a ‘closed-door test’ before giving it a full charge.

Satisfyer Men Vibration unboxed

On the other side of a closed door the rumble of the Satisfyer Men Vibration on its lowest setting can just about be heard. At its highest setting, it is reasonably loud and can be heard quite clearly. This poses something to think about if you’re needing to be discreet due to living in shared accommodation. There’s a little LED light between the plus and minus buttons on the toy allowing you to see the charge status. It flashes whilst charging, and remains constantly illuminated when the battery is full.

To turn on the toy hold down the plus button for two seconds.  Keep pressing the plus button to advance through the settings. The box says there are 11 vibrations, but the booklet diagram goes up to 14. This discrepancy has been noted in other reviews I have read. I’ll go with the consensus of opinion, and say there are indeed 14 vibrations. The patterns and intensity themselves increase as you cycle further up the selection. I don’t really like patterns, preferring a constant vibration so the first three cycles were my go-to choice for the purposes of testing.

Using the Satisfyer

To play with the Satisfyer Men Vibration I found it’s best to apply some water-based lubricant around the silicone mouth. If anything, it just makes sliding my cock inside more pleasurable. The girth of my penis didn’t feel supported along the length of the inner canal,  so I may have been missing out on some stimulation on my shaft. Those with a broader penis will have more contact around the glans.

The advantage of the wide opening on the Satisfyer Men Vibration is that you do not need to be fully erect to use it. As someone with a generous foreskin, stimulation was dulled somewhat until I had pulled it back. After which, stimulation was greatly improved.

Satisfyer Men Vibration angles
Magnetic contact points on the rear of the Satisfyer Men Vibration, aerial view and a close-up of the ‘mouth’ aperture.

Due to the shallow depth of insertion and the silicone part butting up against the hard ABS plastic, thrusting is fairly limited. The combination of the two motors (one in the tip and one in the middle bulge) gave an intense sensation.

My orgasms from using the Satisfyer Men Vibration were decent enough. As this is a closed toy, it can be a messy affair since there isn’t a catchment area for ejaculate. Cleaning up the Satisfyer is a doddle; it’s easy enough to wash it out under a tap with some soap. I usually leave it to air dry after washing. If you fancy some bath-time fun, then the IPX7 rating gives you the opportunity to explore even wetter masturbation.

Final thoughts on the Satisfyer Men Vibration

I enjoyed using this toy. It’s a well-constructed product and the orgasms it produces are intense. The only niggles I have are the noise of the motors, and the snugness issue (or lack thereof). I think that’s more down to my penis, rather than the toy itself. A word of warning, just be careful when you cum, to avoid any spillage!

Overall, it’s a cool masturbator and adds another aspect to my toy collection. To answer the burning question:

Is it better than a blowjob?

It’s been a while since I had one 🙁 but I’m pretty sure the blowjob would win out. That’s not too surprising though!

Satisfyer Men Vibration

Orgasm Rating
Noise Level
Value for money
User Rating: 2.32 ( 10 votes)

You can purchase your own Satisfyer Men Vibration from Bondara for £44.99.

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Thank you to Satisfyer for providing the Satisyer Men Vibration, and my gratitude to Stutographer for his fabulous images and honest opinions. Please do not reproduce the images without his permission. Affiliate links are included in this review. By using them, you will help me earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you xx

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  2. i personally found this product to be rubbish, if rocco thinks its like a bj but only better, then he has obviously only had really bad Bj’s.
    Money wasted, but lesson learned

    • I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the Satisfyer Men Vibration. Perhaps try something else and let us know how you get on. I’d be happy to host a guest review if you’d be interested.

  3. Guest review?
    Always interested in trying out products.
    Getting hard to find a good product these days (excuse the pun) the market is swamped, and endorsements can no longer be trusted it seems

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