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Twijoy NIGHT disassembled

Review of the TWIJOY NIGHT Male Masturbator

This review will discuss Mr Bunny’s experience with the TWIJOY NIGHT interactive webcam male masturbator. Recently I had an email from Carment, Marketing Manager at TWIJOY, asking if I’d like to test their product. At the time of writing, TWIJOY was also developing an end-to-end Cam2Cam website, due to be launched soon.

In my reply, I pointed out that I’m female and so do not have a penis, but asked if they’d like me to find a willing volunteer to test their masturbator. They agreed to this, and I asked Mr Bunny if he’d take on the challenge! TWIJOY dispatched their NIGHT masturbator from China and agreed to pay all the shipping and customs fees.

From the date of shipping to receipt, the time taken for the NIGHT masturbator to arrive was 9 days. The packaging was a plain brown box. For this review, we will be testing the masturbator functionality only. Should we investigate the interactive element at a later stage, we will either update this post. Alternatively, we’ll write an additional post linking back to this review.

The NIGHT Interactive webcam male masturbator app works via Android and iOS operating systems. It can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple Store.

First impressions of the TWIJOY NIGHT masturbator

On opening the box containing the TWIJOY NIGHT, (which was sealed in plastic wrap), it was not overly obvious what the contents would be. Appearing sleek and simple, NIGHT feels sturdy and weighty to hold. On the scales, it weighed in at approximately 600g.

Contents of the TwiJoy Night Masturbator Adult Toy

The TWIJOY website states, “NIGHT is poised to revolutionize the way you experience pleasure.” Also mentioned, the NIGHT has “7 rotation modes and 7 stimulating suction modes,” and “soft and supple material, carefully selected to provide a silky-smooth texture.” The aperture of the NIGHT is about an inch across, but the nature of the material being pliable would probably allow for penis girth up to 1.5 inches in diameter. Being relatively well endowed, Mr Bunny thought people with less girth may find the seal is not so great for providing suction. But that is merely a hypothesis, which would need someone with a thinner penis to confirm or deny. The internal length is roughly 5 inches.

Twijoy NIGHT Aperture

As stated on the website, connecting to the TWIJOY app allows you to interact with webcam girls for a truly “immersive and interactive sex experience.” Other app users can control the toy from a distance, which would be interesting for those in a Female-led relationship, or for a submissive partner giving their Dominant partner control.

Included in the box are:

  • TWIJOY NIGHT masturbator
  • USB charging cable
  • Instructions
  • Earphones

Twijoy NIGHT front control panel and power outlet.

Preparing to use the TWIJOY NIGHT

Fully charging the TWIJOY NIGHT masturbator requires plugging into the mains for about 2 hours.

To switch it on, press the power button.

The NIGHT masturbator is IPX7 rated, so is easily cleaned and maintained using warm soapy water, then left to dry.

Twijoy NIGHT with insert exposed


Making it a NIGHT to remember

In Mr Bunny’s experience, he found the suction fairly powerful. The soft supple insert drew itself onto his shaft and sealed firmly. The created vacuum was a little tricky to release from, even when the ‘release’ mechanism was deployed. Plenty of water-based lubricant is recommended when using the TWIJOY NIGHT; partly for this reason and for general comfort/ pleasure.

NIGHT has 7 modes, and Mr Bunny felt that the short pulsing ones didn’t particularly excite or stimulate him so much. He prefers the longer slow action pulse, which feels like a ‘mouth’ providing one long suck.

The spinning mode gave a tingly sensation for Mr Bunny and was pleasurable. There were 7 variations of the spin theme, with most rotating clockwise at differing speeds and patterns. Mr Bunny found some of them a bit ‘samey.’ however, one pattern was an alternating clockwise/anti-clockwise rhythm, which felt lovely.

In use, the size and weight of the NIGHT make it slightly awkward to get completely comfortable. Mr Bunny found he could use it in a ‘hands-free’ way when sitting up with the NIGHT flat on the bed, providing the angle was right. He also enjoyed lying on his back and holding the toy upright, gripping his penis. That felt a little like being in a Cowgirl position with ‘woman-on-top.’

The sound generated by NIGHT was a bit noisy, with the spin function being louder than the vacuum. The noise was somewhat off-putting, as Mr Bunny wondered whether anyone could hear through the walls, into an adjoining room.

Final thoughts and where to buy

The TWIJOY NIGHT masturbator can be purchased for £101 (RRP) from

I would like to thank Carment from TWIJOY for offering us the chance to test the NIGHT interactive masturbator, which was received free-of-charge in exchange for our honest review. What you read here are our opinions, unless explicitly stated otherwise (e.g. through the use of quotation marks).

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