Euro 2021 gets the crop

Luv Bunny dressed as a Naughty Nurse with a butterfly crop and Euro 2020 backpack.

I’ll confess, I’m not a football fan, but for this week’s #SinfulSunday shot, I’m making a tongue-in-cheek joke that all the teams who have lost out of the group stages of Euro 2021 will be going home to their Mistresses/ Naughty nurses. Round 16 matches start on Saturday night, so …

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Nudes and a raincoat on a wet Sunday

red basque and raincoat

The weather has changed again, and now it’s raining so my Sinful Sunday picture is inspired by some closeted exhibitionism from my bedroom. To see my other Sinful Sunday images, click here. Check out other bloggers’ photos by clicking the lips below

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Ten terms that describe Sexual Attraction

Rainbow in a cloudy sky over houses

I’m writing this post as it’s Pride month, and I wanted to take some time to re-educate myself on the differences between Sexual Attraction and Sexual Identity. Since this is a complex topic, I’m breaking it down into a few shorter posts to make it more ‘bite-sized.’ The terms I …

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Knowledge is sexy because it empowers us

Willingness to learn is a choice

LSB’s quote for this week, “Give me words that make my mind curl before my toes.”— Rachel Wolchin is interesting. However, I’d like to extend the realm of knowledge to beyond ‘just words.’ I find knowledgeable people interesting. If I’m interested in someone, then it’s more likely I will find …

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Living my life as a misfit

Piece of driftwood on a lake shore

The quote that LSB has chosen for week 40 of her #QuoteQuest meme is thought-provoking. “The day I changed was the day I quit trying to fit into a world that never really fit me” – JM Storm. I feel like I’ve always been different. Perhaps less inclined to bother …

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Make no mistake; I’ve erred so oft.

young woman's reflection in a round mirrormirror

I’ve not participated in Quote Quest since the start of the year, and we’re already over half-way through March! In general, I have been quiet on my blog for several months now, and it feels like I’ve been avoiding it in a way. This is probably a mistake, so I …

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Who doesn’t love a bit of Mystery?

Tantus Good Clean Fun Banner

This week, Tantus have a promotion on their new Mystery boxes. As an owner of a few Tantus toys myself, including the Echo, Charmer, Flurry, I have to say that $89 for a random box of 3 high-quality and unique fuck toys sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Did I …

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Bondage Tape can make a statement

Black bondage tape wrapped around breasts with star nipple pasties

Apologies for missing yesterday’s February PhotoFest shot. The blog went down for a while and some of you who attempted to look at the site would have seen a page that said ‘Account Suspended.’ It was a result of my host telling me that they were going to migrate accounts …

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