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Champagne Supernova

As a teenager, I was firmly in the Oasis camp. I did own a Blur CD, but I pretty much owned most of the earlier Oasis ones. I liked Liam’s surly attitude and the whimsical lyrics in some of their songs. Not to mention, the guitar riffs by Guigsy (Bonehead) and Noel Gallagher.

The track Champagne Supernova is so chilled. It’s a great hedonistic rock track, that makes it sound like it’s live out of Woodstock. Despite the outro going on (it’s a long-ish track), it doesn’t drag on, as it’s different enough not to get overly repetitive. I love the drumbeat as the track fades out, with the lazy guitar sounds petering off. Tune!

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  1. Cool song, Bunny! Thank you for sharing, it makes me fun

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