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I’m trying to work out what I want to say for this meme. This morning I have spent some time catching up with lots of content that has been posted online in recent months. I said nothing at the time because I didn’t know the scale of what was going on.

With what I know now, I’ve decided that I’d rather focus on positivity than anything hateful. The best way to live is to be pro-active rather than reactive. I wish to say congratulations to LSB on starting her new meme, Quote Quest. It feels like a good place to start for a fresh beginning.

For me, life is ticking along. The current easing of lockdown restrictions is making life a bit easier since we can attend to matters that have been left unfinished at home. We got a new bathroom blind recently, which although a small thing, has made a massive difference as it means I can be free to walk around in my bathroom naked without worrying about exposing myself to my neighbours. Simple pleasures, eh?

I’m hoping that soon we can get our dining floor re-laid. Mr Bunny is undertaking an extensive decking project. Materials are not yet ordered as they are expensive. We’re trying to be sensible with how much we spend each month while I’m still furloughed. His job is the main source of income so that’s one positive.

What isn’t so wonderful is hearing my company are going to be making redundancies. I’ve been in that position before, and it truly is demoralising to feel part of a ‘sinking ship.’ That being said, until we have further news from the ‘powers that be,’ I will avoid speculating.

In the meantime, I wish to continue making this blog as inclusive and welcoming for all as possible. I’m also hoping to form some new collaborations with companies. Please watch this space. I have recently posted a Twitter poll to find out people’s thoughts about a device to help with erectile dysfunction. There’s about 24h left to give your feedback.

If you’re not on Twitter, it’s asking whether you would consider using a device called the Penius, from a company based in South Korea. The device is for penises as the name suggests. 😉 It is an aid for erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease. Please feel free to comment below if you have any thoughts about the Penius. If you have personally experienced either of these issues, have you found an effective treatment?

I hope you’re all having a blessed day, whatever you may be doing. Today’s song will be this one, New Beginning, by Tracy Chapman.

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To see who else is taking part in Quote Quest this week, please click the link. If you’re new to my blog, for a serial short story I’ve recently been writing, please visit this page.


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  1. What a good headline, Bunny! Let all our beginnings be successful

  2. Hey Lovely – I completely missed this post as you never linked up! Thank you so much for taking part Xx

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