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June already?! Even lockdown time flies by…

This is the first year I have joined in with the Every Damn Day in June meme, hosted by Hyacinth from A Dissolute Life Means. I’m both excited and apprehensive about taking part.

I generally find writing every damn day a challenge I fail to meet. In February I took part in PhotoFest. That was achievable, though I did miss the odd day, as it was just 28 days.

From Tuesday my little person returns to school. I’m praying we don’t have a second spike and another lockdown, at least before the summer holidays, as that will be pretty unbearable. Knowing how selfish a lot of people are, though makes me pessimistic we will have the luxury of freedom for an extended time.

Already, people are gathering in parks in groups of more than 6. The public en masse cannot be trusted to remain self-disciplined, especially when political aides are flouting the rules and the PM is saying their actions are understandable under the circumstances.

This wasn’t meant to be a political rant, though I’m concerned it may turn out this way. I hope everyone is staying safe, well and mentally as well as they can right now. Together we can make a difference in bringing this virus to its knees, so long as we stick together and support each other, rather than passing blame and judgement.

Until tomorrow…laters!

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  1. The very same is happening over here – so many people are not taking this seriously and gather in groups with too many, or don’t keep distance from each other. I am still working from home and will only be returning to the office when they can guarantee me that distance can be kept from the others. Apparently even some of my colleagues are not taking it seriously. Good luck with your June challenge. I will not be participating this year.
    ~ Marie xox

    • Too many idiots who think it won’t happen to them, Marie. I don’t blame you for staying home. Your health is everything. Sorry to hear you’re not joining EveryDamnDayInJune. My posts will be music themed from tomorrow.

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