stage set up for summer festivals

Reliving our favourite music festivals for Summer 2020

Any House music lovers out there will appreciate a throwback to Summer 2016, when Tieks released this Ministry of Sound tune Sunshine, featuring Dan Harkna.

Loads of festivals have been cancelled up and down the UK, and across the world. For a lot of us, these events have been a rite of passage. So as the sun is shining this week if you’re able to set up an impromptu mini-festival somewhere here’s something to get you started.

Courtesy of the Ministry of Sound YouTube channel.

Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts, and respect the parks/places where you chill out. After all, no one like a litter-fest. 😉

Here’s a story I wrote featuring a sex-machine. While Ashley gets to work with ‘Sy,’ she enjoys listening to some Daft Punk 😉

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  1. This is an amazing sunny song 😉

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