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Howl like a wolf, Were-man

Saved by a Silver Bullet; Part 6

After a bit of a break from writing this story, I’ve returned to it. I wanted to post this part alongside a motivational song I literally just found. I’m not sure if the licensing will allow me to do that. It’s called Lone Wolf, (the song) taken from the album Headphones On; World Off, so check it out on their site.

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Part 6; Tim the loner

Meredith went over to the bookshelf once Tim had left. Those old maps were calling to her and she thought it wise to familiarise herself with the way of the land. Unfolding the map, a plume of dust wafted into the air. Meredith inhaled some, causing her to sneeze; it sure had been a while since her parents had leased out the cabin; at least a few months.

Locating the lake was easy enough. The ink may have faded somewhat, but the blue marking was still clear as the water’s surface. Meredith looked at the scale, working out the area approximately 5 miles North. A series of circular swirls marked the ridge. Its name Echo Heights was incredibly faint, so she could barely make out the letters.

Meanwhile, her phone was vibrating, although Meredith hadn’t noticed. Miraculously, it had dried out enough to still function. The reception was livelier than she’d arrived. Going unanswered, the call went to voicemail. Her screen glowed briefly, dimming before she noticed Cal’s face on the display.

Disappearing into the bathroom, Meredith decided to run herself a bath. It would save her time in the morning to freshen up now. As she soaked in the foamy water, she wondered whether anyone else knew about Tim’s shape-shifting ability. He seemed a bit of a loner, though he was by no means a social outcast. He was knowledgeable and had a worldly aura about him. Meredith imagined he’d travelled in his past. She could picture him hiking the Inca trail, whiling away the time, only pausing to take in the majestic views.

Heading back to her room, after her relaxing bathe, Meredith picked up her phone. She saw the ‘missed call’ notification; it was from Cal, and eager to hear from him she dialled voicemail;

“Hey Mere, I’ve tried to call once or twice but I keep getting your answerphone. I’m hoping it’s just a lousy signal there. Call me when you can. I miss your voice. Chat soon.”

Meredith was happy to hear Cal’s voice. His familiarity was reassuring to her, as she realised she missed him too. Dialling his number, Meredith felt keen to engage in a chat with Cal. Disappointingly, it seemed like she’d missed him now. Her call went unanswered.

In an attempt to distract herself, Meredith went back to the lounge to tidy up. As she bent to replace some of the maps that she didn’t need back onto the lower shelf of the bookcase, Meredith noticed a book wedged underneath it. She didn’t recognise the book, although her curiosity was piqued. Pulling it out, the cover was thick with dust. Meredith wiped it clean, before opening it. Inside were newspaper cuttings and articles from the local area. They dated back to when her parents had first bought the cabin.

She hadn’t realised they kept any historical paraphernalia, so she pored over the articles with interest. As she leafed through the scrapbook, she read a story about a local land-owner who’d been involved in a shooting on their land. They’d shot what they thought had been a wild animal. Only, he had turned out to be Tim’s uncle. Meredith’s parents knew the landowners and had defended them. They were quoted saying wild animals had caused havoc, harming livestock and domestic animals.

The death created controversy, leaving a young man with no family. His parents had both later died. The young man was Tim. Meredith now understood why he wanted to be alone. He couldn’t trust anyone not to turn on him should they find out what he was…

Every Damn Day in June

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  1. I’m at the height of my curiosity about what’s going to happen next! 🙂

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  3. I’m so happy to see you’re continuing the story! Poor Tim, it couldn’t have been easy for him.
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