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lady awake from a dream

Wake me up before you go-go

I’m not a morning person, but my daughter is. She often comes to see me when she wakes up. I like a bit of Wham! ‘Wake me up before you go-go,’ as it’s happy music. If that came on instead of my phone alarm, which goes off like a ‘red-alert’ signal I think I’d be a lot chirpier in the mornings. 😉

Reproduced from WhamVEVO

Here’s a short story I wrote about a woman going on a retreat, and finding herself enjoying a lot more than just the yoga and paddle-boarding she signed up to do. 😉

Every Damn Day in June

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  1. Ooooh another song I like. This one always makes me feel happy 🙂
    ~ Marie

  2. I also like this song! It is so fun and hot 🙂

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