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Luv Bunny wearing a skirt and black boots, bent over a bed

Ass-uming the position

I’ve had feedback from some followers during the course of the month, that they enjoy my submissive shots, so here’s a new one showing me bent into ‘child pose’ over the bed.

You could say I’m ass-uming the position to receive a spanking or a flogging. 😉

Luv Bunny wearing a skirt and black boots, bent over a bed

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  1. Spanking and flogging is definitely not what comes to mind as I look at you like this.

  2. Definitely looks like a very tempting invitation!


  3. Submissive positions can be very sexy. Very intriguing images.

  4. Nothing quite like the little peek of bottom

  5. Absolutely love these images!

    Rebel xox

  6. sweet bet its coming soon

  7. Very nice pose. I like how you’re still mostly dressed but have part of your butt exposed

  8. I love this, an arse ready for spanking…perfect!

  9. I love the puns, but not as much as the peek!

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