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Luv Bunny's feet in Warrior pose with black painted toes

Being a Warrior in the Wind

The featured image shows the Warrior pose stance. I’ve practised this pose in Yoga previously. I try to make sure my heels are aligned whilst my feet are perpendicular. Body weight stays central, then you bend the knee of the foot facing forward to make a ‘lunge’ like movement. This gives you a pleasant stretch through the rear thigh.

As I’m getting older, I like to try to maintain my body balance. Our joints can get a bit misaligned in day-to-day life, putting more wear on them. Pilates is my go-to exercise at the moment, but I have alternated between Yoga and Pilates over the years.

Taking a photo of my feet might not seem that erotic, but believe it or not, some people are into feet, especially with painted toes. I try to cater to all kinks on here when I can 😉

Hope you lovely readers aren’t being blown away by the wind too much!

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