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Periods are pants so I’m going to wear the period pants

I’m a bit late to this meme for Menstruation Matters but never mind. It’s better to be late than not attend at all IMO. At the time of writing, as a 41-year-old female, my periods are relatively regular. They mostly have been since I started menstruating at age 12. My cycle seems to be roughly 24-28 days, and I mark on my calendar when my bleeding starts and ends. This is mainly because I’m a visual person, and I’ve not experimented with any tracker apps. Lately, I’ve been questioning whether I am entering/going through Perimenopause. The reason is that my mum started going through ‘the change’ in her 40s.

For me, periods have been neither a blessing nor a curse. They’ve just been a fact of life. I usually feel a bit pants. Sometimes I get light cramps, my boobs become more sensitive and I feel more tired. Emotionally, I get irritable, and I crave carbs when I’m due to menstruate.

Throughout my late teens and into my 20s, I did take the pill (Microgynon 30) for many years. I cannot remember exactly when I stopped taking it, but I think I got to the point where I was questioning is it good to be taking all these hormones. Over the years, I’ve had anxiety and depression, and I have been prescribed SSRI medication for more than a decade. I wasn’t sure whether chemically altering my hormones was having an impact on my mental health. Once Mr Bunny and I decided we would start a family, I stopped taking the pill, and I didn’t go back on it after my pregnancy.

Wearing the period pants

As for the bleeding, I’m fortunate not to have a heavy flow. I use tampons and pads, but ever since *that* controversial Tampax tweet went out, I’ve never wanted to use one of their products again. It just gave me the ick. I am reconsidering my use of disposable pads as I am trying to be more eco-conscious. I never tried one of those reusable menstrual cups, as it sounded a bit messy to me, removing the thing. I’d probably drop it and end up with the contents all over my bathroom floor, which would invariably lead to lots of cursing while I clean it up! Recently I bought some period pants, and I have two different brands that I will test next month whilst using tampons.

On the whole, I feel lucky that my cycle is regular enough to be fairly predictable. I was able to conceive easily, for which I realise I’m blessed. While I continue to get periods on a monthly basis I will be glad of some certainty/ consistency in my life, as strange as that may sound!


Menstruation Matters


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  1. It’s never too late to join in and I’m so glad you did. Like you I’d love to be more eco friendly with my choice of period products but the cups are horrible to use and I can’t bear to deal with all the extra washing!

    I am intrigued by the tampax tweet, apparently I’ve been living under a rock and completely missed it!

    • Thank you Bee! I’ve been terrible at keeping up with my blog! I’d wanted to post as often as possible before starting my new job. My first week has been a whirlwind of reading and training. I will have lots more training to do over the coming months.
      As for periods, the extra washing is something I really don’t want right now (!)
      Tampax said something along the lines of ‘We’re in women’
      Very cringey, and not good marketing IMO

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