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Feeling like a wolf amongst the pack of the blogging community.

It’s been about a month since I last wrote a Quote Quest post. I feel pretty flaky for missing so many. I did start drafting a post for the week where the quote was talking about self-doubt. Perhaps I will finish that, and post it at a later date, though I won’t necessarily be able to join the ‘link party”.

So onto this week’s quote:

“A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself- and especially to feel, or not feel. Whatever you happen to be feeling at any moment is fine with them. That’s what real love amounts to – letting a person be what he really is.”

~ Jim Morrison

I will say that since starting this blog, I have made some new friends in the community. Both via WordPress itself, and via Twitter. Some of these friends I ‘knew’ previously, from the Lovehoney forums. A few key forumites went onto becoming sex bloggers, including the host of this very meme!

Since joining this community, I have met fellow bloggers/ writers and other creative folks at Eroticon 2018 and 2019. Meeting these people was a bit daunting, as I often feel like an imposter within the community. I’m a cis-het woman, married and monogamous. Mr Bunny and I don’t have such a kinky sex-life. Among a lot of other people with diverse backgrounds, sexual identities/ orientations, I feel a bit of a ‘misfit.’ I know this is my perception, and everyone I have come across has been very welcoming.

I’ve kind of kept myself to myself, a lot of the time I’ve blogged. I think it’s a protective mechanism. Growing up I moved abroad multiple times, and it’s moulded me into a bit of a lone-wolf. I tend to keep people at arm’s length until I feel accepted by them. This makes me appear aloof; I know I am at times.

Getting back to the quote, though, my thoughts are that whoever you are within this community, you do have the freedom to be yourself. People won’t judge you based on your gender, age, ethnicity, sexual identity or orientation. I realise I can sometimes be despondent in some posts and on Twitter. But it’s ok. No one ever says “oh, boo hoo, stop with your sob-story.”

Within the community, members accept that feelings wax and wane, according to the seasons, the global economic status or societal movements taking place around us. That’s not to say there aren’t ever differences in opinion. For the most part, however, people know not to dismiss another person’s feelings or ‘yuck on their yum.’

There’s acceptance that people will feel or not feel a certain way about an issue. Where there’s acceptance there can be mutual trust. And that’s what being part of a community is about. Whether it’s an online one or our ‘everyday life’ community where we live.

To finish off this post, I’d like to thank those readers and fellow bloggers who have supported me during my blogging journey. Thank you for your grace, patience, and words of encouragement. It all gives me hope that there is light at the end of my tunnel-vision. Though I may remain a bit of a lone-wolf, I feel I have met a ‘pack’ of like-minded individuals. Thank you for letting me be Luv Bunny, and for being a friend to me.

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  1. A community is definitely a sum of it’s parts and the more diverse, the more accepting I find. It encourages you to be you. 🙂

  2. I do love this community and I am linking up to the meme for my first time but I am sure missing a month will be forgiven! Thanks for sharing your feelings about the quote!

  3. Please don’t feel the need to apoligise about missing time off. I am just glad you have found time to pen thoughts free your mind up at bit <3

    I am more than happy to all your link to the self doubt post should you finish it <3 Def no hassle there.

    I am also more than happy to call you a friend too <3 You were one of the lovliest people I had the pleasure of meeting at Eroticon.

    Much love to you, Luv Bunny xx

    • Aw bless you LSB, I loved meeting you at Eroticon too, although it seems so long ago now. Thank you for offering to add my self-doubt post to the Quote Quest link-up. As soon as I’ve finished the piece I’m writing for an external site, I’ll wrap that up and post it, then send you the link.

      This community is one of the kindest I’ve become involved with, so I feel lucky to know some fabulous creative folks 💜 xxx

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