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Parenting: Mother & Daughter standing and looking along a beach.

How my daughter reminds me of the importance of living in the moment

“The thing is that you brought this out in me. How could I want it with anyone else” 

– JM Storm

It’s already week 2 of LSB’s new meme Quote Quest, and I found out this morning that I’d been a numpty and forgotten to link into last week’s Link-Up. All I can say is my apologies, and I will try to be more mindful when I’m writing posts for memes in the future. I think sometimes because I flit about so much from one thing to the next, I forget the importance of living in the moment.

The irony though is not lost on me because I seem to be forever reminding my daughter to be ‘mindful.’ For instance- last week she was playing in the street with some of her class friends, who’ve not returned to school. Either they (or someone else in their family) are shielding.

My daughter wanted to play an imaginary game based on a television program she watches on iPlayer; The Worst Witch. I had to explain to her- the friends with whom she was playing may not want to play what she wants to. I suggested that if she wanted to engage with them, perhaps they could race on their scooters, or compromise on a game they all wanted to play.

In theory, this was fine. In practice, however, it was a different matter. I was the sole parent out on the street, for most of this time. I kind of find this a bit awkward in itself. The kids all have their interests so I wanted to make them feel like they could chatter away to me if they wished to. Simultaneously I’m looking out for my daughter scooting around to make sure she’s aware of any cars that are coming/going.

It’s a no-through road, but there are a few parents who shift-work, so some were leaving whilst we were there. Add into the chaos an ice cream van- one of those old ones. I honestly cannot see how these stay in business. I hadn’t taken my purse, so I had no money to buy a lolly for my daughter. I’m waffling, but the whole situation was kind of unsettling.

I’d just wanted to take my daughter for a walk so she could burn off some energy before bedtime. Suddenly I’m feeling like a stand-in child-minder. Ok, so that was probably my mind saying that, but I just kind of find it convenient how parents suddenly disappear when they think a responsible person is out with their children, without any regard for how that person may feel about being in such a position.

Anyhow, I wasn’t left alone for too long, as thankfully the mum of one of my daughter’s classmates came out and joined us. We had a general chat, and the kids tried extending the time they were out. Since it was a hot day we eventually managed to coax our ‘little angels’ home, for bath time.

For all intents and purposes, ‘how does this relate to the prompt?’ you may be thinking. I’ll get onto that now. My daughter is such a whirlwind of activity and her happiness means the world to me. I feel like a crazy lady following her around a lot of the time, probably cramping her style. When I indulge her by living ‘in the moment,’ rather than controlling every eventuality that could happen because of my anxieties; we have some of the best times.

I think I have my daughter to thank for also teaching me to be ‘mindful.’ Not only that, but also for showing me empathy when I’m not always feeling like the best mummy in the world. I couldn’t ask for a better daughter, and I hope she’ll be my friend for life.

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  1. Somehow I think your daughter can’t ask for a better mummy. We learn the lessons we have forgotten all over again from the little ones. Keep safe, LB.
    ~ Marie

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