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young woman's reflection in a round mirrormirror

Reinventing a new me.

Inspired by this week’s Quote Quest prompt, I’m going to say what I’d like to achieve personally over the next 18 months. Here’s the quote: “I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning.~ J. B. Priestley.

I feel like I’m at a critical point in my life. I have so much baggage from my past, and I don’t want to feel restricted by it anymore. Now that I’m nearing my fifth decade, I wish to be completely me, and not moulded by my earlier years. To implement this transition, I’m going to have to prepare myself with some tough self-talk. Stop making excuses, finding reasons to reject ideas, and start striving towards being the person I want to be.

One area I want to improve myself is my physical health and strength. A healthy body helps create a healthy mind after all. This is something I’ve already been working on, but recently it’s lapsed a bit due to the stresses we’re under. But there is that excuse-making! So I will start again, and say that now, more than ever, is the best time to make changes. A healthier me will be more resilient and productive.

Alongside the health changes I wish to make, I want to eat more nutritious food also, and manage stress better. Make time for myself to clear my mind of all the ruminating thoughts and have more positive ‘mantras’. These changes are not massive ones, but they are important. Health is so vital for our well-being. My body is ageing as is everyone’s, but I don’t wish for that process to be accelerated. Ageing is related to telomere shortening, and that can be exacerbated by oxidative stress. I try to eat blueberries and raspberries regularly to boost my antioxidant levels.

Drinking water and staying hydrated is critical too. I certainly need to pee often enough, so I’m thinking I ought to be drinking sufficient water. Each day I try to limit my tea/coffee to two cups a day of one or the other. I could do with drinking Green Tea though, which is meant to be a great source of antioxidants.

I feel that if my health is better, I will be better prepared for weathering the ups-and-downs of life. Furthermore, a comment from my boss in my retail job is prompting me to look elsewhere for work. Retail is becoming more cut-throat. It’s all about achieving targets, and the management style is to beat people with a stick and dangle the odd ‘carrot’ as an incentive. It’s hollow and unfulfilling.

I’m wondering if I’d be better off moving into the care sector. I feel like I have a lot more empathy now than I did in my younger years. There will always be people needing help in their homes, to live as independently as long as possible. I also think a lot of elderly people are ‘put on a shelf,’ and left to wither away on their own. They’re deemed too old to make a useful contribution to society, as they no longer work. But they still have value as people with wisdom and life experience. They have perhaps seen more adversity in their younger years than some of us younger people have in our entire lives.

I spent a year volunteering for Age UK before I had my daughter. I worked there on a once-weekly basis, but I found the experience to be rewarding for the most part. The people I helped genuinely enjoyed coming to the club. For some of them, it was a break in the monotony of the same 4 walls. The social element helped to restore their links with their peers. I’m not sure when I will start applying for jobs. I’m thinking it may be better for me to focus on the health side of things for the next few months, and then consider applying in the New Year. There’s nothing to stop me making applications sooner, of course. I just want to be presenting a better version of myself, so that I don’t get as dejected by set-backs.

I’d rather work in a sector that actually helps people in their day-to-day lives, than just providing material ‘pick-me-ups’. Machines will be able to sell to people one day, but they won’t be able to give the empathy that older vulnerable people need. That’s a more human role.


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young woman's reflection in a round mirrormirror

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  1. Good thoughts. Probably you are ripe for this.

    • Lovely post Bunny, I think we could all do with following your example and improve ourselves, whether it’s health, career or education with things continuing as they are I think there’s time for us all to give it a go.
      I think you’d be an amazing asset to the care sector, like you say you have more empathy, but you also kind caring and understanding, all perfect qualities for that sector X

  2. Oooh – I must pop you a dm. I wanna tell you stuff I can’t type here x

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