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Presenting… Something Purple!

This post is a dual purpose post. Firstly, I wish to introduce readers to a new company that I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know via social media interactions. Secondly I’m also writing about a travel-sized kit containing some luxury items for a romantic evening or weekend getaway.


Something Purple! are a new retailer of a wide range of adult toys, novelty items and lingerie. They aspire to be sex positive and all-inclusive regardless of sexual orientation or identity, and they offer a genuine and friendly customer service experience. With a product range of 5,000-items, including top brand names Something Purple! are looking to expand the range, based on customer needs and feedback.

In the past couple of weeks, Something Purple! have had a ‘soft’ launch of their website, in order to gain insight from potential customers and members of the blogging community. It will be interesting to see what special offers they have on launch day which I believe is imminent!

I ordered some products to see what the experience was like and to sample the Kama Sutra kit range (see review below). The ordering process was really easy, and my products arrived in perfect condition all discreetly packaged as described on their website. A fab experience!


Kama Sutra Getaway Kit

In exchange for some editorial work on their site, Something Purple! offered me the opportunity to select from their range of products. I thought I’d try something different (and a bit decadent too)! The Kama Sutra Getaway Kit consists of a black toiletry pouch containing travel-sized luxuries. Included are:

  • Vanilla Crème Oil of Love.
  • French Vanilla Crème Body Soufflé.
  • Sweet Honeysuckle Honey Dust with feather duster.
  • Tube of water-based lubricant, Love Liquid.

Also included to create a romantic mood is a small soy candle.

Travel sized oriental delights

Each one of the cosmetic items is sealed to provide assurance that they are new and tamper-proof. The vanilla crème scent of the oil and body soufflé is pleasantly sweet, without being overpowering. The oil of love is amber and has a non-greasy feel whilst enabling your lover to lavish soothing strokes over your skin.

I found the honey dust to be surprisingly different from what I was expecting. My imagination had preconceived that it’d be more crystalline and honey-coloured. In reality, it was a white powder, not dissimilar in consistency to talc powder. The flavour reminds me somewhat of Turkish Delight.

It is fun to let my tongue wander over Mr Bunny’s flesh and lick up the flowery scented dust. The feather duster also doubles as a sensory play item. It is delightfully soft, as it traces sensitive areas such as our collarbones and neckline. I managed to have Mr Bunny in giggles, which always helps us relax into a play session.

Revelling in multi-sensory play

As our exploration of each other proceeded, we used the Love Liquid lubricant which is compatible with natural latex and polyisoprene condoms. It should not be used with polyurethane condoms however, as it is not compatible. The lubricant glides well, and did not seem to dry out too quickly.

Make a getaway with pleasure

Despite the kit being £35.99, it represents reasonable value, and provides a good base to explore a range of the Kama Sutra branded products, before buying the full-sized versions. It feels lovely being able to take the time to indulge each other after a busy festive season. If you would like to treat yourself and your significant other, pop to Something Purple! It will give you a much-needed lift in the dull January we are currently experiencing.

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