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Outer packaging for the Je Joue Ami + Kegel exerciser

Je Joue Ami+ Kegel exerciser

It has been a while since I posted a review for an item I purchased myself. I already have a few sets of kegel balls, and they vary in their weight and material of construction. I decided to try the Je Joue Ami+ Kegel exerciser as it differed from all the other duo-ball design toys that I’ve previously tried. Instead it is a single hourglass shaped ball, made from soft silicone. Je Joue Ami+ is for the intermediate kegel exerciser, as it weighs 136g. For beginners, Je Joue recommend their 3-step Ami ball kit.

The Je Joue Ami+ kegel exerciser is not a budget exerciser like some of the other ones I own. It  does represent good value at £19.99, though as it comes packaged in an attractive teal-coloured outer box. Inside, is a black box with lid, that contains the Je Joue Ami+ and an instruction booklet.


Warming up

As far as exercise goes, warming up for training your pubococcygeus (PC) muscle is as simple as coating the Je Joue Ami+ in water-based lubricant. Then gently slide the kegel exerciser into your vagina. Really simple so far. I like the design of the Je Joue Ami+ as it feels more substantial than other kegel exercisers I’ve tried. By that, I don’t necessarily mean it’s larger. Because essentially it isn’t.  What it is though is a good shape for maximising the benefit of exercising a set of muscles that can be quite tricky to engage. The instructions recommend wearing the Je Joue Ami+ for anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour on a three -four times a week basis. So it is really easy to incorporate into daily routines. The instruction booklet gives two examples of exercises you can attempt with the Je Joue Ami+.

  1. Squeezing your PC muscle around the Ami+ for 5 seconds, then releasing for 5 seconds. This exercise can be repeated for a total of 10 squeezes, before taking a minute break. Then do another set of 10 repeats as before. Rest for two minutes, before doing a third set of 10 squeezes. As with any exercise, when it starts to feel too easy you can try three sets of 15 repetitions.

2. This exercise is more advanced, and involves sitting on the edge of a bed or chair, whilst the Ami+ is inserted. Use the retrieval cord to gently pull on the Ami+ whilst you squeeze your PC muscle to resist it falling out. Hold the squeeze for 5 seconds, relax for 5 seconds then repeat for a total of 10 repetitions. Take a one-minute break before repeating another set of 10 5-second squeezes. After a further 2 minute break, do a third set of 10 repetitions. As with the first exercise, when you decide you wish to progress, you can increase up to 15 repetitions for each set.

Kegel training

So far I’ve attempted the first exercise,which I plan to stick with for a few weeks in January before progressing onto the second exercise. Now that I’ve gone through a pregnancy I really wish to train my PC muscles. There are so many benefits, including enhanced vaginal sensitivity, better urinary control and enhanced natural lubrication of the vagina. In an ideal world I would have trained my pelvic floor better before and during my pregnancy. Like a lot of things in life, it’s better to start as early as you can, but later is fine too.

Cleaning the Je Joue Ami+ kegel exerciser is simple. The silicone has no seams for any ‘gunk’ to wedge into. I use either antibacterial soap or a sex-toy cleaner and water, then leave them to air dry. The silicone is not as lint-grabbing as some other silicone items I own. Which I see as another plus for the Ami+! Overall I’d rate the Je Joue Ami+ 10/10 based on it’s ease of use, aesthetic appearance, and the health benefits of using it.

The Je Joue Ami+  kegel exerciser is available to purchase from Betty’s Toy Box, for $29.00.

Je Joue Ami+ Kegel Exerciser

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