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A wave during our current heatwave and images from Sinful Sunday

I’m writing this post to share some images from Sinful Sunday, Week 376.

It was Ladies Day at Ascot, and Modesty Ablaze includes a sexy image of herself with her favourite red riding crop. I enjoyed an evening at the races myself, though I did not see anyone with such a crop (which was a shame)!

On a political note, I had to smile at Exposing 40s use of anti-Brexit propaganda. I think it’s strategically placed, and sends out a good message to the government!

Marie is sharing a lovely image of herself and muses that despite Master T going through some emotional struggles at the present, there is still passion within him when he sees her beauty as we do.


It’s been a reasonably quiet month for me, here at the Bunny Rabbit Hole. I’ve decided to take a break from reviews including the Pleasure Panel.

My most recent review was for the Bijoux Indiscrets Bi Lollipop, which I rated 8/10 and can be found here.

Meanwhile, Cara is offering some great prizes in her Birthday Month Bonanza giveaway, so check it out!


I’ve been spending more time in the garden, as we have some raised beds that Mr Bunny constructed from rail sleepers. I sometimes find blogging a bit like gardening. Posts need pruning and shaping to breathe new life into them. Some posts may need weeding out altogether. So this is what I have been doing in the background.

I invited a good friend over earlier this week. They don’t have their own blog but they enjoy photography. They’re pretty good at it too! I gave them a bit of a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of my blog. They probably felt as bewildered by it all as I did at first, and still sometimes do!


This is going to be a short round-up as there is more to do in the garden, but thanks for stopping by and taking time to see what I and other bloggers have been up to.


Luv Bunny xx


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#SoSS Share our Shit Saturday luvbunnySL82 meme

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  1. I enjoyed reading your interesting post on this lovely sunny morning. Glad you got to the races. I’ve been meaning to go to Newmarket for ages. Last horseracing I went to was at Fakenham year before last. I like the sound of your raised beds. Very useful those railway sleepers. Happy gardening!

  2. Another great article. I think that is good to take a break now and again so that you can take stock.

    Having a photography friend over might be good to get some tips from or kindly ask for some pics for the blog.

    Maybe some pictures of all the work in the garden?

  3. Thank you for including my image in your #SoSS 🙂

    Rebel xox

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