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Reviews galore for #SoSS

This week, I will mostly focus on some recent reviews from my blogging peers. Joanne’s Reviews has a great summary of the versatility of the Buch Dick silicone paddle from Fun Factory. I have not used many paddles, but the Buch Dick not only offers two different sides; one smooth and one textured, but its handle also has a dual purpose! It is a G-spot textured dildo, reminiscent of the Stronic Drei that I have reviewed here previously. I find toys like this to be a real treasure and delight, as they offer great stimulation in a variety of ways.

Little Switch Bitch recently tried a pussy pump from Orion. I own one of these devices and in all fairness it doesn’t get much use. Like LSB, I like the novelty of seeing my vulva swell up, and the slight increase in sensitivity. The issue with these pumps, however, is that one size won’t fit all. Rather than a rigid plastic ‘shield’ design, the cup would be better if it could somehow expand out to the desired fit. Subsequently it could then retract for storage. Could a pump be designed in such a way? The other issue I have is that it takes a good deal of time (at least 30 minutes of gradual pumping) to see a visible effect. I personally do not have the patience to wait this long, unless I have a good few hours dedicated to my play time.

It was interesting to read Subsmissive’s review of a random delivery of goodies from Carvaka. I’ve not tried anything of theirs myself. Hence it is interesting to see how other bloggers get on, interacting with different retailers. The penis extenders may not have suited Sum Sub. But it seems like the Melissa Jacobs pussy and ass masturbator was a hit for our discerning Subby!

Encouragement for bloggers

Lastly, this post is not a product review. However, as a blogger who attended Eroticon with aspirations to delve into sex writing as more of a career than purely a hobby, I was inspired and encouraged to read Isabelle Lauren’s post.  As writers, we all have a unique perspective and viewpoint. So even if we are saying something that has been said before, we can still bring our own personal insight into light.

We each have our way of telling our tale, or highlighting issues that are important to us. There are the passionate advocates, and the snarky, salty truths that cut the rose-tinted view of the world we live in. We need these voices to remind us as a society why we need change. We also need to reassess our stances on sexuality, gender equality and freedom of speech on a continuing basis.

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