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Sharing our Emotions for #SoSS

What us bloggers are great at is sharing our emotions. I’ve just read (and commented on) a couple of lovely posts about emotions. Michael Knight talks about the sadness he feels about parting from his kitten. Meanwhile he is happily married. He is living a polyamorous lifestyle, which includes a long-distance relationship. He discusses his conflicting emotions of missing his kitten whilst being happy living with his other love, his wife.  Michael knows he will be reunited with his kitten in October, and for now he’s making the best of the time that remains until then.

Emotions are not logical. They can creep out of our inner subconscious. We can try to rationalise them, and acknowledge that feelings are transitory and will pass. Sometimes emotions are more close to the surface of our minds. However they present themselves, we need to accept them for what they are and let ourselves feel for a time. If we try to conceal them they will lurk, and speak to us in other ways, disturbing our sleep with strange dreams.

The Other Livvy talks about her feelings surrounding coming off contraception and trying to conceive in her post Baby Making. She talks about a moment of panic when she was having penis in vagina (PIV) sex with her partner, EA. Suddenly her mind freaked out and she urged him to cum on her breasts rather than in her vagina. She was not ready to get pregnant just yet, despite making the decision with EA that they would start trying to conceive. Livvy was concerned her panic might be viewed as selfishness. But I understand where she is coming from.

An idea in the mind can be a wonderful concept. Then when reality dawns, your mind seeks a lifeline to hold onto. It’s self-preservation. Essentially it may be seen as being selfish, but I would argue it is more selfish to make a decision to become pregnant in a flippant ‘oh well, if it happens so be it’ manner. Giving life to a baby is amazing, but it is a monumentally life-changing event. The dynamics within your relationship will completely change when that third person comes along. They will depend on you for everything. Your time will not be your own. Partners may become jealous or resent the child and/or their partner.

Self-preservation is protective and means we are consciously weighing up whether this is the right decision to make. In the end, Livvy embraced the potential reality of being pregnant. She became disappointed when her period arrived, whilst trying to conceive. The happy news is that Livvy is now pregnant. The not-so happy news is that pregnancy can involve a rollercoaster of emotions for some women (and their partners too!)

Another post I have read is Indigo Byrd’s post about her brother J-r, and going through his possessions. She felt like she was an underdog to her elder brother and that they had little in common, until she stumbled upon his bondage sketches:

Because we never openly discussed his kinky side I’ve had to rely on clues which are only just being revealed as I go through his possessions yet again, wearing my all-too-recent kinky lenses.

It seems that Indigo had more in common with her brother than she’d thought. And her bittersweet phrase at the end of the post sums it up perfectly,

“See. We were not so different after all, sis. You just took a while to catch up…”

Life is a journey and each of us takes it at our own pace. Some of us rush along, barely taking in the view, whilst others meander their way and stop to smell the flowers, watch the birds and enjoy the scenery. We choose how we live, and as long as we’re happy with our journey, that’s all that matters!


I have only talked about three posts, but that is my usual style. I like to keep things short and sweet where I can. Until next time, keep reading and please share our shit.


Luv Bunny xx

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#SoSS Share our Shit Saturday luvbunnySL82 meme

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  1. Thank you for the shout out, what you wrote is lovely, and much appreciated.
    Indie xx

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