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Sharing the positivity and self-reliance of disability and sex blogging

This week, I have to share with you a post from May More, about her partner’s debilitating Lyme Disease. Though it has kept him from living life to the fullest on occasions, May and her man refuse to be defeated by his chronic condition. So many of us have invisible illnesses. Whether they be mental / psychological or fatigue-based, they are an incredible drain on the person who experiences them and those that are nearest and dearest to them. May is so open and candid about her and her man’s experience. It is endearing to see that they make the most of what they have and what they can do. That kind of attitude shines through and makes these people radiate.

Miss Eve E talks about finding lingerie that is accessible to people with chronic conditions. The kind that make doing up a bra painful and more than just awkward. Not to mention fiddly clips that numb fingers just cannot overcome. Pretty lingerie should not be designed for just the able-bodied. It should also be made with differently-abled people in mind. I think body stockings can be a good option, but then what do I know. I can use my arms, fingers and reach my toes with no problems or discomfort.

At Chronic Sex’s blog, there is a useful calendar of important awareness events this month for chronic conditions and victims of abuse. It’s useful to know these dates so we can share our support with those who need it or maybe need some encouragement.

Lastly, I will introduce you to Hannah Witton’s new website. Hannah has Ulcerative Colitis but that hasn’t stopped her from writing books, reviewing toys, and writing about sex and relationships. And not only that, Hannah has a 5 year plan that includes launching her own stationary line, getting her Masters and working on TV as well as on Sex Ed curriculum. There’s no stopping Hannah! I love her enthusiasm and energy 🙂

So there you have it, if life has dealt you with lemons, you can go ahead and make your own sweet lemonade! Thanks for stopping by, and don’t forget to share this Saturday and the next! Beat the censorship with people-power!

Hugs, Luv Bunny xx

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  1. Love this post – there is certainly a way to deal with the problems life throws at us, positively – we are only here once and nobody said it would be easy – when I was younger I kinda dwelled on things a bit too much, I realise now there is only one way to go – grab life by the horns and deal with what it throws at you.
    Thanks for including xx

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