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January 20th 2018

It’s two-thirds of the way through January. Have you managed to keep up with your New Year’s resolutions? Did you say ‘bugger it!’  and continue as you were? Either way, well done for getting this far through this tedious month.

In the land of blogging, I happened to read a review for a bi-monthly subscription box that recently launched. LoveDrop offer a luxury toy, some extras including a candle, chocolate bar, and prompt cards for some sexy suggestions for £45. It’s premise is to encourage couples to have date nights together, to restore intimacy and introduce new ideas. As a reviewer myself I’ve been a bit sceptical of some of the subscription boxes I’ve seen offered.

It’s refreshing to read that this particular example has items that were well-received by experienced toy reviewer and blogger NatandTom. On the other hand, the brand of condom included was one of questionable ethical standards. I hope LoveDrop will take this feedback on board, as with so many companies out there offering adult products it would be great to see a small company have success. In terms of value, I feel £45 every two months is a reasonable fee so long as the offerings will be of a high-quality.

There seem to be a lot of new giveaways going on at the present time. Bondage God is offering the chance to win a pair of Black Berlin lockable wrist restraints from MEO. He is also throwing in 4 Meobond Electronic Time Lock Bondage and Chastity Belts. Visit his site to have a chance at winning some!

Lastly, I love lingerie. I loathe buying the ‘wrong’ lingerie for my physique. Aurora Glory has written this helpful guide on how to choose lingerie according to your body shape. I didn’t even realise that ‘banana’ was one! I guess, if there are ‘apples’ and ‘pears’ though, why not bananas too? The key is, whatever your figure, there is lingerie out there that will flatter you. Fear not, and embrace those curves or lines!

Until next time, keep sharing our shit and enjoy!

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