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#SoSS; A week to go until Eroticon!

Meet & Greets

As it is only one week until Eroticon 2018, I thought I’d share some Meet & Greet posts from some fellow attendees…

I’ll be intrigued to meet Cara Thereon. She is the kitten belonging to DomSigns. He is also Molly’s partner. I am intrigued, because it will be the first time I’ve (knowingly) met someone involved in a poly-amorous relationship. Cara’s writing is tantalising and invokes the senses. One short story of hers, Aperitif, had me practically dripping in my pants. It’s hot and seductive, and I enjoy a good fingering.

“He caught her mouth in a hard kiss, halting all but the wet sound his fingers made as they moved inside her.”

Amy from Coffee & Kink started blogging in Dec 2016, around the same time as I launched Down the Bunny Rabbit Hole. It seems like she has a wealth of knowledge and experience on all things kinky, that I could only dream about. Her post on How Sex Toys Improved My Relationship is insightful reading. We are bought up and spoon-fed a false sense of what ‘sex’ actually is. It’s relayed in ‘sex-ed’ as kissing leading to touching, maybe some fellatio and /or cunnilingus followed by penis-in-vagina intercourse. There’s no allowance for mutual masturbation, only oral sex, or penetration involving a non-penile phallus. The ‘teachings’ are limited and out-of-date. Sex encompasses a myriad of sexual acts. We do not need these constraints anymore. Sex toys are a great facilitator to achieving fantastic sex for many people.

Joanne from will also be at Eroticon, and I’ll be interested to discuss E-Stim Systems electroplay insertables / power boxes with her to find out what she would take to a desert island (that had an endless supply of 9v Duracells).

Excitedly counting down the days

I’ve only listed three other bloggers in this short and sweet #SoSS round-up, but I’m also excited to meet Aurora Glory, Girl On the Net, Candy Snatch,  Tabitha Rayne, among many others. Big squee!

Have an amazing weekend everyone! Thanks for checking this post out, and don’t forget to Share our Shit! xx

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#SoSS Share our Shit Saturday luvbunnySL82 meme

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